Which DQ would you want

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User Info: Tiael

5 years ago#21
I've always played DQ for the story, music, characters and world.
Turn-based was the least part of it.
And DQX is still very DQ in that regard.

And the battles go slow enough in that they still feel semi turn-based.
DQX has an offline mode, though it's not that much.
But you can still hire AI NPC's in online(a la the like of strategy adjustments in single player ones) and not fight with other players if you so choose.
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User Info: plasmatic5

5 years ago#22
If I could only choose one, I would choose DQVII. It's the only main game I haven't played (besides X). It also looks amazing. I'd like to play X but since it's an MMO, I'd rather have VII. And I'm not interested in DQMTW. I never got into the Monsters games.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

5 years ago#23
well ok i might get it. but i'm not sure yet the npc ai sounds like it might be good.
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User Info: Oxo_64

5 years ago#24
Dragon Quest VII.
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User Info: nazacuckoo

5 years ago#25
I really want DQ VII.
That would be awesome.
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User Info: BatenKait0s

5 years ago#26
1upsuper posted...
BatenKait0s posted...
In order of want:

Terry's Wonderland



But if it's got DQ in the title, I'll buy it no matter what.

Exactly. No matter what, I'd buy all 3.
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User Info: Gold Slime

Gold Slime
5 years ago#27
VII. I don't really like the monster games and VII is one of the games, for one reason or another, I never got around to playing all the way through so I'd love to be able to play an updated version since I remember the last time I tried playing it on my PS1 the menu system drove me nuts after so much time with the smoother, faster versions in the DS versions of IV, V, VI.
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User Info: Crabhammar

5 years ago#28
Dairy Queen
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User Info: McMarbles

5 years ago#29
DQ7, without a second thought.
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User Info: elsmitty

5 years ago#30
I just bought a psp so I could play Dragon Warrior 7. I don't know about dqmtw. So, I guess Dragon Quest 10 for the win!!!
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