3DS Rate A Game - Day 12 - Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D

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User Info: necro00

5 years ago#11
1/10 hated it

User Info: De_Blob_X

5 years ago#12
necro00 posted...
1/10 hated it

Reason? If you dont give me a reason then i will ignore your vote,mate.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

5 years ago#13
necro00 posted...
1/10 hated it

Come on people!

I can understand disliking it but 1/10 is reserved for games that are broken beyond playability.
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User Info: mad9671

5 years ago#14
I really enjoyed playing the online co-op multiplayer in this game than any other game I had played so far. so I give it atleast 9/10 !

User Info: AlbinoGerbil

5 years ago#15

Decent shooter for the 3DS. Probably would have scored higher except for the save file issue.
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User Info: Teepot

5 years ago#16
It was good fun. I really hated how the enemies had choppy framerates if they were just a little far from you though.
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User Info: Beefbud

5 years ago#17
from the looks of these ratings, 3DS is an 8/10 system

User Info: Mega_Rat

5 years ago#18
pikachupwnage posted...

+Addicting. Will provide dozens or even hundreds of hours of enjoyment
+Music is good
+Graphics are nice especially for such an early 3DS game

-Sound is not very high qaulity
-Distant enemies look choppy
-Save file is undeletable
-Could've had a bit more enemy and stage variety
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