Has the screen scratching issue been fixed?

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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

5 years ago#21
3DS screens scratching are a design flaw. Its a flaw that is exasperated by rough handling, but you can handle the 3DS as easily as can be reasonably expected and still get the scratches(though clearly your mileage may vary).

the XL should have less of an issue with this due to the extra bumpers(look at a XL's top screen. See those little dots? they are supposed to keep the top screen off the bottom when the unit is closed). Now if that fixes the problem or not, i have no idea.

Obviously you could get some scratches from crud getting stuck between the screens and rubbing, but to think that perfectly straight scratches are caused 100% solely by that is just being stupid.
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User Info: Baha05

5 years ago#22
kissdadookie posted...
It's varied because not everyone was idiotic enough to figure that such a large system is a good idea to jam into tight pockets or backpacks with a bunch of junk tumbling around with it. I've pointed this out earlier. Common sense people, common sense.

I said both systems varied and even if you don't have it in a pocket, chances are SOMEONE is carrying the XL in something and that too could cause pressure on the system.
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User Info: stargazer64

5 years ago#23
Oh yeah? You managed to find 3 pristine 3DS systems after your 19 defective ones? Nice job.

If you have a 'pristine' 3DS it means that your bumpers are long enough to prevent the bottom screen from touching the top screen. Even you should be able to figure that out. Or do you need a drawing? Pictures usually help children understand things.
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User Info: TheMisfit88

5 years ago#24
No it hasnt been fixed. I have those dot scratches all down the right side of my screen lining up perfectly with the lower screens bezel. I only use the system at home too and almost never bring it anywhere.
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User Info: FenderMaster

5 years ago#25
kissdadookie posted...
FenderMaster posted...
And I do use a case. the case itself is officially licensed and somewhat tight, and i've still seen scratches on my white 3DS I bought in January

And even so, it's a f***ing handheld, my GBA and DS could go in my pocket fine, never had any issues since as portable systems, they should be capable of being closed and inserted in a pocket without self harming. Keep defending Nintendo and their inadequately short rubber bumpers seperating the screens though! It makes you look smart ; )

It's a BIG system in comparison. Your argument would hold true if the form factor stayed exactly the same, but it hasn't.

Also, notice how you've stated that you have the 3DS in a TIGHT case. I ALWAYS recommend people to use a NONE tight hardshell case. There's a reason for this, so that no pressure would be applied to the system thus no self scratching. I use the officially license Hori hard case. I have 3 of these cases for 3 of my 3DS systems, NO SCRATCHES at all on my units AND I toss them into my bag frequently.

So even though my 3DS self harms when I put it in the officially licensed Nintendo 3DS hard case, you still claim that there is no issue with the screen, and that it's my fault for closing the system and putting it in the official hardcase for the system?

Lord almighty...
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User Info: diddy1278

5 years ago#26
The only reason the ds lite did not scratch itself was because the top screen was the same length as the touchscreen when compared to 3ds with its wide top screen and square bottom screen which is why the top screen scratches so easily.

User Info: IHeartMetroid

5 years ago#27
I can totally confirm that the scratches appear no matter how well you treat the system. I have the limited edition Zelda 3DS and always kept it in a case when not in use, never put it in a pocket, and always closed it carefully. I treated this thing with kid gloves, yes.
Nintendo was nice enough to fix my system for free, thankfully.
When I got my system back I immediately put a screen protector on it and now never close it without a tiny microfiber cloth there to keep it safe.

In a nutshell- yes, this is a problem, no it has not been fixed.

User Info: Compass

5 years ago#28
That dookie guy's ongoing misinformation campaign about the screen-scratching issue is just bizarre. He speaks absolute nonsense. My 3DS had lines on the screen out of the box that got slightly worse without ever seeing the inside of a pocket, and fixed immediately and forever by extending the bumpers. Dude is off his rocker.

Anyway, by most accounts the XL has fixed the problem. I also heard the latest standard units have longer bumpers as well.

User Info: blazeUP12

5 years ago#29
The scratches on the original are due to pressure squeezing the 2 halves together, either from pockets, movement from regular carrying around, etc. The screens were too tightly pressed up on each other.

The XL screens don't touch at all - you can shine a light through the side and see this.

The idea that dirt/crumbs is the culprit doesn't really make much sense. Take a pristine 3DS with no crumbs inside and "rub" the 2 halves together with enough force, you'll get the lines on the top screen.
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User Info: Teepot

5 years ago#30
I can confirm that the problem is still present on the XL. Mine have developed a few scratches down the right portion of the screen. I do carry my XL around fairly often but I always keep it in my old DSI XL hori hard case and I treat my systems quite well.
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