Those who played Virtue's Last Reward *spolilers*

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User Info: linkrules2

4 years ago#1
The board there is kinda slow so i'll ask here

How the hell do you do the q room?? i do not get how to put determine where the winning squares are.. can someone dumb it down for me or tell me where to put the solution

User Info: shampoowarrior

4 years ago#2
You look at the cube in the middle and use it like minesweeper.

Squares with 1 only have one square near them. It doesn't count diagonals, it does count the square itself.
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User Info: NTendoFreak

4 years ago#3
^what they said.

so if you see this (X=blank squares):


the wining squares would be both 2 squares. including themselves, they each are in contact with 2 winners. the 1 square would only be in contact with the 2 directly below it, since it doesn't count diagonals.
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