Anybody here still loving their original 3DS?

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90sRetroGaming posted...
Not me. i absolutly hate it and i'm still waiting to see what black friday and the rest of the holiday season brings for the new XL models.

I don't really hate my 3DS with the sexy gold Zelda design, but the battery life sucks and I want a bigger screen, but yes I am definitely gonna sell it if there's a limited edition 3DS XL for Black Friday.
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User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#82
I have both, I love the sleekness of my Zelda 3DS, but the XL is just so much more comfortable to play. The corners don't dig into my palms. The screens are a trade off, size vs pixel density. DS games look better on the original due to the smaller screens.

The circle pad is also a lot better on the XL (it is a lot less slick) The screens touch on the original, causing lines that may or may not become scratches. The XL doesn't close like most Nintendo handhelds (gaps on the sides) so that is a negative. The battery on the XL is better.

The XL is the winner, but it isn't as obvious of a win like it was with the DSi XL.
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User Info: Roddy_D

4 years ago#83
Yup. I actually returned my red XL for a refund and bought a midnight purple 3DS. I just couldn't adjust to the XL. I'm obviously in the minority though, lol.
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User Info: MicroOmegaMan

4 years ago#84
For sure.
The XL belongs to my brother, so I've had more than just a glance at it from a store kiosk (if they're even in store kiosks.....).

The speaker volume is......disgraceful, the battery life improvement isn't worth much for most people, and the frame and weight increase are undesirable. Just a personal preference, but the 3DS is a far more attractive design to me than the XL.

Unless they happen to have a lovely shade of green for the XL, if something happens to decimate my 3DS, then I'll buy another 3DS, not an XL.
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User Info: klim28

4 years ago#85
I have 2 original 3DS and I don't need a 3rd one as of yet because they are still working perfectly. Maybe if one unit screams for a replacement then its time to go XL :D
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User Info: GiSS88

4 years ago#86
Still use my original 3DS, but if there is a LE/CE Zelda style 3DS XL this holiday...that may be changing.
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User Info: viajarv

4 years ago#87
Preferring the portability, I like the original 3ds. I envy the finish and better buttons of the xl

User Info: jestersoup

4 years ago#88
I don't "upgrade" game systems unless something I can't live without is released with them. So in a word, yes: I'm very much enjoying my original 3DS.
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User Info: OoSubaruoO

4 years ago#89
Nope, the original was too small for me. So, I'm using the XL.
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