The last video game character you played as...

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User Info: EvilSock1990

5 years ago#271

not bad
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User Info: pichu_assasin

5 years ago#272
Phoenix Wright.

Nothing in the world matters except for power and cheesecake.

User Info: DeLorean83

5 years ago#273
Mickey Mouse

User Info: Gogo726

5 years ago#274
A metal sphere
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User Info: TrueKirby

5 years ago#275
The guy from Cave Story(demo).
I was playing Kirby earlier so it could've been Kirby, but oh well.
Hmmm, what does the Cave Story dude do?
Ahem. Ahem Ahem Ahem *coughs* NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP!

User Info: mad9671

5 years ago#276
Lady Sia (GBA). Bought Samurai Warriors Chronicles just now and going to play it on 3DS !

User Info: jakestar0306

5 years ago#277
Pyro from TF2

Wha... what's it's gender? Also should I be worried about him/her going on a homicidal rampage of lollipops and rainbows?
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User Info: ss4gogeta_dark

5 years ago#278
Evil Ryu from SSF4.

Oh my.
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User Info: Dr Edward Roivas

Dr Edward Roivas
5 years ago#279

I wouldn't mind living with a highly intelligent, courteous dog with god powers.

She might bore me to death, though, I mean even for a character who doesn't talk Ammy is dull as dirt.
Tie it on, in your mind. It's your Noctourniquet.

User Info: iusefebreze

5 years ago#280
My character in RaiderZ named Waifu.

Tailored to be the perfect waifu. I have no problem with this.
The average anime character has 47 gallons of blood.
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