Paper Mario or Halo 4?

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User Info: Nickcool1996

5 years ago#51
I asked both a PC gamer and a 360 Owner IRL.

The PC gamer would rather have Mario because he thinks Halo sucks. Note that he also hasn't bought a system since the PS2 era.

The 360 Owner said he'd probably get Halo 4, but is too busy with his refurbished PSP play.

I would rather get Paper Mario because I'm more of a RPG fan than a shooter fan, and my experiences against my friend with his OHKO combat sword thing was not pleasant due to my noobness ._.

Just giving varied opinions out there.

User Info: Danspurt

5 years ago#52
360 games are faster to drop in price. I remember getting Halo: Reach just a couple of months after release for 30 bucks.

So if you're gonna get both anyway, get Paper Mario now since it's probably not gonna drop its price as fast.
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User Info: Darkeep12

5 years ago#53
Paper Halo 4: Sticker Star.

(Seriously though, just pick one at random.)
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User Info: plasmatic5

5 years ago#54
I think I will go with Paper Mario now and maybe Halo 4 after the semester ends. I don't really care too much for Halo 4's online component...I just want it because I love the Halo story and the campaign is generally highly underrated (dwarfed by the multiplayer) but I also love a good Paper Mario game and while I'm uneasy about this one, I still have faith in Intelligent Systems. Thanks for the input!
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User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
5 years ago#55
yeah just wait it out. halo 4's price will probably drop down by then.
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User Info: brigadier_101

5 years ago#56
Paper Mario by quite a large margin, personally.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

5 years ago#57
considering i hate both halo and pmss i would say neither.
but if you HAD to pick one go with halo 4 at least 343 understands there's a difference between making new ideas and making a glorified spinoff...
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User Info: ObjectiveLogic

5 years ago#58
IAznDragonI Yan posted...
do you want to experience a new gameplay style and story or just the same old FPS with slight improvements?

This post wasn't even remotely as funny as you thought it was while typing it.

On topic, Halo is getting very high scores, and is definitely a much bigger deal than Reach was. On the other hand, Paper Mario will be marginally cheaper and also portable. You have to ask yourself whether you're in the mood for a great single player you can carry on the go, or awesome multiplayer console experience.

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User Info: Lord_KronosIII

5 years ago#59
Totally different genres. However I have both systems and have played all the games in each respective series so I'll add my two cents...

Paper Mario gives me more enjoyment. I have more fun playing it. It keeps me entertained for longer periods of time. PM: SS will be different, but it seems to go back to the original formula of PM and PM: TTYD and gets away from the crap that was SPM. The fact there is no experience/levels nor partners is a letdown but I'm hoping the game will be so awesome I don't even notice.

Halo is good, but like all FPS, to's just another FPS. I like the atmosphere, I like the style, and I love the MP but to me, all FPS play the same and are the same. Halo 4 is getting good reviews which may or may not say something. I just feel we are saturated with FPS games and for some reason, people keep buying them. I'm really getting sick of it to be honest. Everything is Halo this, COD that, Bioshock this, Half Life that, ect ect...I've played them all and find most to be a bore. Half Life being the exception. Note: This rant does not apply to The Elder Scrolls or a game like Zombiu, as those games are not shooters.

To summarize, if your favorite genre is FPS, get Halo 4. Looks to be good. If you would rather play something other than a FPS, get PM: SS, you will most likely never regret it and won't be missing out on Halo 4.

User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
5 years ago#60
From: forest_wanderer | Posted: 11/5/2012 5:49:28 PM | #058
This post wasn't even remotely as funny as you thought it was while typing it.

wasn't trying to be funny
It's nice to be needed
- Shiki Misaki
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