Looking for a 100+ hr game

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User Info: WiiFan77

5 years ago#51
Devil Survivor Overclocked has lasted me 187 hours so far. It's very good, very unique, and very well-written. Has multiple endings, and voice acting. The cutscenes are very interactive, and your choices in the game can affect the story. In my first playthrough, I accidentally let an important character be killed.

User Info: Zeus

5 years ago#52
Well, there's...

Is kid icarus the only 3ds game that offers minimum 100hrs of replay value, or are there others?


But yeah, I'm at around 450 hours on Kid Icarus. Awesome as hell game with tons of replay between weapon creation, challenges, and PvP. Wouldn't necessarily say it's minimum 100 but there's a massive time sink to it after you get into the game.

Resident Evil Revelations also has some replay in its Raid Mode but I think I'm only 90 hours there. Eventually got sick of it and moved on before finishing Raid but I was raiding solo only which might be harder. I stopped maybe mission 15 or 16 on the hardest difficulty and had S-Ranked the lower difficulties for the honor colors. I also played through the campaign 4x for the unlockables, the fourth being because I missed handprints on previous runs.

SF4 is also content-heavy in terms of challenges. It would take a good chunk of time to 100% it. Not sure why the 3DS still lacks a trophy system given how many games have trophies built right in
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User Info: iMURDAu

5 years ago#53
Advance Wars Days of Ruin

I've logged over 250 hrs in that game. Still play it just to create maps to challenge myself.
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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

5 years ago#54
Wait til March for another Monster Hunter to put 300+ hours in?
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User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#55
samurai warriors chronicles got me 200+ hours, but that was because i got it at launch... so i pretty much only had that to play for 6months (it was a great though)

may as well wait for the second one

there is also kid icarus and resident evil revelations (both have randomly generated loot)
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User Info: Zeus

5 years ago#56

Old photo, my RER time went up a bit since then.
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User Info: Skyminxyz

5 years ago#57
brStalker posted...
Skyminxyz posted...
trenton97 posted...
I have:
200+ hours in Zelda: Ocarina of Time
100+ hours in both Kid Icarus and Kingdom Hearts 3D

Can you seriously reach over a 100 hours with KH 3D? Because when I played Re:coded I didn't even clock out 28 hours...

<.< You must have done new game with every settle apparently.

If you're out to get every trophy, you can easily clock 100+ hours.

Hell, I think just getting max affinity with every spirit would take that much...

If that's the case then roughly how many different worlds does it have? Because I remember being forced to backtrack and redo the same 5-6 worlds 3 times in Re:coded's story mode.

<.< To prevent spoilers are there more different "Worlds" than RE:coded, like even 10 unique one's?
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User Info: Foxling

5 years ago#58
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