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User Info: Kaze_Memaryu

5 years ago#71
Razieru posted...
First learn and open your eyes to more than what you think you know, then try to use your "command" ability.

Okay, allow me to explain, little one.

Your idea includes the point that Nintendo has to buy either a FLash or a YouTube streaming license. These cost money. Lots of money (ya know, the small round metal plates with faces and numbers/green pieces of paper with even bigger faces and numbers).
Why would Nintendo go and pay so much for a license they couldn't even make money with? Flash holds not even a hint of profit for them, so it's a stupid option.
The YTS license is even more expensive and holds just as much profit for them - none. And making us pay for a YouTube app would turn them into a Micro$oft clone.

Now, about your general talent in not seeing the point: the Nintendo 3DS has its hardware limits. Nintendo can't just go all out and throw us a gimmick that can't be handeled by a console. Also, the 3DS browser is a NetFront browser, which wasn't developed by Nintendo at all. They just took it and used it as a primary 3DS feature.
Now this is where you completely fail to see what I mean: the browser is slow. Do you know why? Yes, that's right - the browser is running in a virtual sandbox, which means that it can run next to any 3DS application (excluding DS mode and System Optiond). This was implemented as is because Nintendo wanted to give players a way to pause their game (read: not quit) and search for help, info or whatever pops into their minds. This would be impossible with a Flash browser, because Flash support requires at least 64MB RAM, which the 3DS cannot offer to the browser - it is limited to about 2-4MB RAM. And that's also just for the helpful service of the internet.
If your ieda were to come true, the 3DS browser would become a standalone program - which defeats its entire purpose as a support/help option.

And now for one last bit: a standalone browser is ALWAYS a risk. No browser is truly safe, no matter how advanced it is - which means that your idea could possibly be a far-open door to hackers (which Nintendo doesn't like, if you haven't noticed).

Any left questions? And please, at least try to sound a little older.

And now for someone with a valid point:

AkaneJones posted...
Mind you if Google is getting Html5 support, shouldn't that mean you don't need to pay Google for an App. You just need to build a custom browser to run the videos, when looking them up. Heck, you should be able to program it to look up other video sites using Html 5. Internet based monopolies are a bit of a problem, since regulation controls file formates, and sites only use one format.

It's not quite as easy. Google is in the middle of kicking mp4 files out of YouTube (MPEG LA, google it for some rage), but they haven't yet stated that they want to switch to HTML5 entirely.
Also, while HTML5 is somewhat powerful, it's not wizardry.
Google servers need an authentication when a site tries to load contents from there. But HTML5 currently has no means of sending one to the Google servers. And lastly, HTML5 videos can be downloaded with right-click *Save*, so they want to develop a safety measure before jumping the ship.
The embedded videos on other sites are part of a streaming license (which most message boards and social networks have) to gain access to the service.
Some other stuff is under construction, too, but that's kinda going too far.
"Evil, beware. We have waffles..."
- Raven, Teen Titans

User Info: RetroFanGirl

5 years ago#72
BlissfulWars posted...
I hate weeaboos.

Its from Sweden. o.o
^GameFAQs itself is trolling me.
(message deleted)
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: Razieru

5 years ago#76
Razieru posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

The Kaze_Memaryu way.
My swagger will X-splode you.

User Info: pbandjames

5 years ago#77
Razieru posted...
Hypocrisy, condescension, and ignorance

The Razieru way.

Anyway, good show and all, but nobody really cares for more than an hour everytime this topic comes up. So, here's your severely limited and sad internet fame. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Game news is the best news. 3DS Friend Code: 4253-3676-2425 (James) PM me with yours if you add me
(message deleted)

User Info: pbandjames

5 years ago#79
Razieru posted...
^ Kid, stop derping yourself in self-contradictory. I'm limited? How about the hit and run sad trolling from you who only knows how to step in my topics and spew your hypocrisies? Just stop embarrassing yourself already. It's amazing what people do to people who irk them apparently. Yet you show you care....

There goes that pot kettlez black again.

Funny how that post applies to everything you do on this board. Pot calling kettle black indeed.

Golly, I've only ever posted in one Razieru topic, yet I'm somehow in multiple ones. That's a paradox.

Your response shows you care, if anything. So predictable.

You don't irk me, you make me laugh with pity for you. Example:

Kaze_Memaryu posted...
A legitimate post

Razieru posted...
Nice wall of text, gramps, why don't you post for someone that... cares, hmm?

Nice, and you deleted it. I wonder why?
Game news is the best news. 3DS Friend Code: 4253-3676-2425 (James) PM me with yours if you add me
(message deleted)
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