3ds and future wii u players!

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User Info: idrc82

5 years ago#1
Lets be friends? I could use some on my 3ds especially ones who play regularly. My fc in sig. Im 30 btw if that matters, so mature players are preffered.
3ds fc: 0817-4077-5176. Vita/psn: xgamblorx
Gt: dark gambl0r.

User Info: Haderia

5 years ago#2

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

5 years ago#3
Mature is subjective. Many people, regardless of age, will result to ragequitting and calling you a cheater and/or racial and sexist slurs the moment it looks like you will own them.
Pokemon White FC: 0346 8604 2225 PSN: phayro_rip
People Only Like Obama, that's the motto Romney, P.O.L.O.

User Info: shamontray29

5 years ago#4
ill add u later pm me your fc and ill add you
3DS user name: THE CORRE ADD ME FC-4038-6225-1325
psn gamertag:getmoneyboytay
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