Tell me why PM:SS is bad.

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User Info: ZeroArchery

4 years ago#51
hydra_dragon posted...
The Battle system is just unrewarding, like you said.

Going back to my "Just like Megaman Battle Network" thing,

The Battles give you coins, something you'll be blowing a lot through. I blew through almost 2K coins in one run to the town for some of those Things. Not only that, I tend to get rare Stickers from battle too.

Battles give you great Stickers, and Coinage you'll need. I guess you could make the argument "go into place, get stickers, sell" but the coin count is so low, battles are much more efficient. Yo ucould also just use the Jump stickers you find to get 3+ coin overkills and save time.

I dunno, maybe I just look at things differently than most. I know I'm already a huge minority in the game industry as far as taste goes. XD
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User Info: OtherSuperPhil

4 years ago#52
I honestly think it's great. I love the bold new direction, but I can see why traditionalists wouldn't.
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User Info: _Candice_

4 years ago#53
n00bsaib0t posted...
From: SMASHKING84 | #159
boycotting DOESN'T work.
if a bunch of people boycott a game this is what will happen:
1.the developers won't really notice the lost sales because casual gamers out weigh core gamers several times [spm sold better then the first two pm games...]
2.even if they do notice it they won't know WHY it sold badly

That is just a huge load of BS. Lets use Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken as an example.

Before the game came out, Capcom announced that the Vita version would have 12 more characters.

About 2 days later, they announced that these characters would be DLC for the console versions when the Vita version dropped.

Like the next day, two weeks before release, street date was broken and people hacked into the game data. Those 12 characters were on the disc.

Pre orders were canceled, the game sold about 750k with only 1.4mil shipping to retailers, falling way short of the 2mil sold (even if you look at the 1.4mil shipped to retailers it did bad).

There is your back story, now here is why your post is BS.

1. Capcom noticed the drop in sales big time.
2. Because of this lovely place we like to call the "internet", Capcom knew why their game sold badly. The fans were very vocal, and the boycott worked.

Why did it work? Well, Capcom still has to turn a profit, but they did issue a public apology with the announcement of no more on disc DLC in Capcom titles. They also rolled the character release foreword by 6 weeks and put in a voucher with the Vita version to redeem the characters and some of the alt costumes on PS3 (so people who bought both never had to buy the DLC characters).

TL;DR because of the internet, developers know why their games fail.

Fighters are typically for the hardcore crowd. Once their crap practices bombed they had no casuals to fall back on for a quick buck.

Meanwhile theres a random Mom somewhere in a Gamestop right now buying a Nintendo title because its "Mario".

User Info: pokemega32

4 years ago#54
paulogiygas1991 posted...

That's the Mario cycle nowadays.

I love how you people seem to believe that the world only works in extremes.

Clearly the only two choices are "barely add anything new at all" and "throw out everything and start over from scratch."
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