Epic Mickey 3DS feels like shovelware

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User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#31
Vyers posted...
I love how so many people in this thread are either attacking the TC, or waiting until the right moment to pounce (such as "and your reasoning for that is?").

The thing is that the game clearly isn't shovelware. That's a fact. It's not a quick cash-in thrown together sloppily on a low budget. It's a well-made, well-thought-out game that happens to be a 2D side-scroller.
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User Info: Meatbagger

4 years ago#32
Actually I take it back.

VLR is probably the best game this holiday.

User Info: Kenichi34

4 years ago#33
Epic Mickey 3DS? Shovelware? Oh lord, people these days can't even recognize the good games from the bad.
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