Do you keep the game boxes or not?

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User Info: Darkstorm16

4 years ago#41
ItemBreak posted...
People throw game boxes away? I can understand losing them or something, but I can't understand why anyone would feel compelled to throw them away.

Yup they do, about 10 months back I saw a used Super Mario 3D Land copy no box sitting at a used game store...they wanted $32
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User Info: Darkeep12

4 years ago#42
I kept all my plastic cases. Cardboard boxes, however, were almost all thrown away, mostly because I was still a kid at the time I bought games that actually used them. (With the exception of special editions and some PC games.)
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User Info: fwiotg

4 years ago#43
It's annoying how SO MANY people just throw them away (not here, but in general). Most of the used games in Gamestop are in sleeves or in those ugly generic print cases, and would have been SO much better with cases and manuals.

User Info: Desrtw0lf

4 years ago#44
I keep my games in their original cases. I absolutely can't stand having them anywhere other than the system or the box, because I'm extremely paranoid that they'll get damaged. This effect is multiplied by 10 when it comes to discs.
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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#45
I keep them. Games without their boxes aren't worth as much lol. Anyone who throws their boxes away will be sorry in a few years when they find out some of their games are worth a few hundred bucks.
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User Info: Ruff_Puff

4 years ago#46
There is no reason, in my eyes, for someone to throw out a game case. From what I've seen (on ebay or a game store, for example) the only reason there are games without cases is because the owner is a kid who doesn't understand it isn't good to leave a disk/cart lying around. I've heard people say they throw them out to save room, but I just don't think that is a good reason.
I keep all of my cases because they keep the game safe, they look nice and no one wants to buy a pre-owned game with no case.

Though, that's all my opinion.
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  3. Do you keep the game boxes or not?

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