Why won't Nintendo announce a Metroid 3DS?

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User Info: IHeartMetroid

4 years ago#11
"Still wearing that tinfoil hat, eh?"

Why would you say that? His post made a lot of sense.

I honestly think that, at this point, maybe Nintendo just doesn't know where they can *go* with Samus.


I mean, think about it- Samus is supposed to be a heroine, a savior of the galaxy and whatnot. She's saved planets, fought off space pirates, defeated gigantic brains... and all of a sudden Fusion comes along and she's now a paraiah, a fugitive, a wanted woman on the run.

I think maybe this is why after Fusion all we've got have been prequels. Think about it- everything that Nintendo's done with Metroid after 2002 has been going backwards in the timeline!

Maybe they're just not willing... or not capable at the moment... of having one of their icons feature a "now I am a rogue" turning point. The Fugitive cliche is an easy one to fall into in order to quickly ruin off a character.

Not to mention the fact that the iconic Power Suit has been destroyed, leaving Samus and the Fusion suit as one permanently fused entity.

Maybe they'll figure it out, eventually. I certainly hope so. But dealing with these things is going to be difficult for Nintendo to hurdle themselves over.

User Info: FiendingHard

4 years ago#12
NathanisDrake posted...
Vyers posted...
Because Nintendo has no idea what they did wrong with Metroid, even though we all know perfectly well what went wrong.

Metroid just isn't a blockbuster. They don't know why it's not; they don't know how to fix that. They tried making Other M overblown with exposition and action, but it really fell flat. Nintendo needs to find a way to combine the quality and deep gameplay/exploration of the best Metroids with good sales potential. Push Samus more as an important character.

Still wearing that tinfoil hat, eh?

He's got a point though. IIRC The Metroid franchise combined has sold around 16 million copies. A single Mario game can easily outsell that if the numbers are true.
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User Info: vectorman5

4 years ago#13
I would kill for a new metroid game where Samus has the fusion suit.

Seriously, Fusion was my first metroid game, and when I started hunting down copies of the others, I used to think those enormous balls certain suits had for shoulders looked ridiculous.
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User Info: Vyers

4 years ago#14
Yeah. It's really not a matter of paranoia. It's a matter of Nintendo trying to find a direction that they want to take; it just so happens that their latest one was a significant bomb. Even Zero Mission, which was fantastic, crashed and burned.
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User Info: Kaze_Memaryu

4 years ago#15
Metroid has the potential to become an unusual and outstanding series if Nintendo would try to put more effort into it. Sakamoto has shown a really awkward direction for Samus, so they should take over the series and think about a continuition of Fusion and beyond - instead, they try to avoid the 'WANTED DoA' situation for Samus since that's the point where a lot of the game's plot base would be missiong: Samus always received a mission that sent her to each of the worlds. This would be missing in a Fusion sequel.

I just hope they can hold Sakamoto back before he turns Samus into a leathal emo.
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User Info: MewtwoEx

4 years ago#16
Because of foolish people hating on their last Metroid (Other M)
they decided to end the series there, the Nintendo Land Metroid Attraction is probably the last thing they ever do, and of course add Samus to the next Smash, but no more main games

User Info: Kilroy84

4 years ago#17
So anyone who criticized Other M is foolish now? I would rather have the series end right there than give Nintendo the message that Other M was the right direction to take the series and Samus's character in. The game tanked for a very good reason - fans didn't like it. And they never said they'd stop making games.

Yeah, I think on top of the fact that Nintendo might not know where to go after the events of Fusion, they might also not know how to make a compelling exploration-isolation platformer to begin with, anymore. The fact that they gave Team Ninja free reign to make the gameplay tells me that they don't even know what kind of game Metroid should be anymore.

Plus, Nintendo recently said (and I'm paraphrasing here) that the gameplay in Metroid Blast (Wii U, Nintendo Land, for those who don't know) could be the foundation for the next Metroid game; That is: third-person shooter of both Samus on the ground and in her ship. Now, from what I've seen of fan discussion, most people want a 2D side-scroller; a la the old games (as do I); not what Team Ninja gave us. Granted, Metroid Blast could end up being something that's a lot of fun, but that setup might not necessarily be what can work for a proper single-player Metroid.
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User Info: grans

4 years ago#18
Disliking Other M is hardly foolish, it took a fantastic series full of great gameplay (both combat and exploration wise) and removed everything that made it so great. I won't even get into the plot, I probably would have even forgiven that aspect had the game been really fun to play.
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User Info: DeathSnipe777

4 years ago#19
I enjoyed Other M. But, then again, I tend to look at the good in every game rather than focus on the bad. I've never played a game that I haven't enjoyed somewhat. But, that aside, I would be very happy if the WiiU got another Prime (the gamepad would work great as the visor) and the 3DS got a Fusion sequel and a Prime Hunter sequel.
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User Info: Meatbagger

4 years ago#20
They, unfortunately, have no reason to ever make a Metroid game ever again.
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