Only 10 games coming out for the 3DS in the US between now and 2013?

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User Info: Northern_Rose

4 years ago#21
All of those games all got the same look and feel to em though. I dont mind "kiddy" games or kiddy looking games but dang it, I want other kinds of games as well. WiiU is getting a Ninja Gaiden and the 3DS get Pushmo.

The DS was a great system because it had something for everyone. The 3DS is very very limited for being almost 2 years old and going to its second xmas. Not 1 big xmas release.

I cant even find the 3rd party games in stors any more, just all the first party stuff and thats it. Everyone has all the Mario's, KI:U, Zelda:OoT, Pilot Wings, etc etc. But thats all they got.

I had to really hunt down a few 3rd party games for myself, DoA, Samurai Warriors, Ace Combat, Ghost Recon, All used from EB games. No new copies to be found here.

Its starting to feel like Nintendo is only pushing the WiiU and just letting go of the 3DS. I really hope the WiiU fails hard.If it doesnt it will kill hand held gaming. The controllers look almost like Tablets. It wont be long before tablet companies figure out they got a great gaming system that can rival the WiiU. Then its game over.

Nintendo is stupid for launching a new system now before the last one is fully established.
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User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#22
Oh Kei here's and over view of what these are...

Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion;
A platforming game that is meant to hearken back to the NES to SNES years of Disney Licensee games. Despite what the years have wrought on games with Disney name on them, or licensee games as a whole, you would be hard presses to find a NES/Genesis/SNES that didn't have at least one Disney game. It doesn't matter if it was Ducktails, Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, or Castle of Illusion. These were actual good games, and not ones considered dumbed down. Well there is a possibility you had one of the Tiny Toon games instead. It's not Disney but Buster Busts Loose was on that level. Anyway the game is trying to be this.
Though doesn't quite achieve it according to reports.

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!;
A licensee game for Adventure Time made by Wayforward. That means unlike your standard licensee game it will likely be good, however it isn't likely to be all that hard. One feature of Wayforward games separate them similar quality Japanese small "indy" devs is the games are a little on the easy side. However on the upside the game is styled after Zelda II: Adventures of Link. This means expect a game that is both retro, but feels more modern than the nuisances that plague the original Zelda II. Really it's a game type no one has tackled this closely before, so there is no proof of how to do things right or wrong. But if someone knows how to make a good game it's Wayforward, so it's more of a positive then negative that no ones tried before.

A sequel to Pushmo a simple but easy puzzle game by Nintendo. The game formula is to take aspects of Picross, platformers, and Zelda puzzles and crams them together. This results in something not necessarily "new" but really good at what it does, reasonably uniquely.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed;
Sega does Mario Kart, but with Diddy Kong Racing style. However with the ability of vehicles to transform according to track surface. The downside here is the 3DS version is dumbed down, read made easier, because stupid focus group kids couldn't complete the harder levels. So the 3DS version won't have the console content, not we made it unlockable as challenge mode, or we realized the tracks were broken in all versions. It's just we striped down the 3DS version because it means we didn't have to build everything a second time, and our stupid focus group didn't like hard levels so we can use that as an excuse.

Fluidity: Spin Cycle;
As sequel to Wii's Fluidity this time with more character. Fluidity is an interesting sidescrolling puzzle platformer that you play by tilting they system. You play as water so you behave like water. I'd imagine the addition of character to the game will make it better, it's one thing the original lacked.

User Info: Mariofan15

4 years ago#23
From: Toadster9001 | #012
SalsaSavant posted...
Epic Mickey, Crahsmo, Adventure Time, Sonic All-Star, and Brain Age if you're into it all seem like pretty good releases.
Edit: I've also heard people talk about Fluidity

Adventure Time looks like shovelware, Brain Age has been delayed, and eShop games don't count. I'll be picking up Epic Mickey, however.

Doesnt mean it is shovelware.
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User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#24
NathanisDrake posted...
I'm fine as long I have MONSTER HUNTER, ETRIAN ODYSSEY IV, ANIMAL CROSSING and FIRE EMBLEM by next year. And I still have a huge backlog of DS and 3DS games to catch up on...

Life's good.

Yeaaaah, I want all of those too! Specially EO4
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User Info: Twilightwolf444

4 years ago#25
CAPSAR posted...
I'd have to say Epic Mickey is looking pretty good. I'm usually hesitant about Disney games since they're usually tie-ins to the movies and targeted at the demographic of the movie. From playing the demo I think this is geared more towards people who have been Disney fans. I know the game play at least in the demo was so-so but hey that's fine not every game needs to be Resident Evil or Zelda qualtify controls.

(Though I do hope they come out with a new LoZ game soon.) Lol:)
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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#26
DeathSoul2000 posted...
SalsaSavant posted...
Epic Mickey, Crahsmo, Adventure Time, Sonic All-Star, and Brain Age if you're into it all seem like pretty good releases.

Edit: I've also heard people talk about Fluidity

eww disney, not my thing, crap, dumbed down for kids and boring.

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