Does anyone else have a HUGE backlog of DS games and NO time to play them?

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  3. Does anyone else have a HUGE backlog of DS games and NO time to play them?

User Info: BossBang

5 years ago#31
SuperMario1998 posted...
I have sooo many DS games I want to buy/play, but I have a ton of games to finish that I already have. Like:
Metroid Prime
Dragon Quest IX
Final Fantasy VII PC
Link's Awakening DX 3DS
Zelda Twilight Princess
Zelda Skyward Sword
and soon to be Paper Mario Sticker Star

Want to buy:
Ghost Trick Phantom Detective
Etrian Odyssey (1,2 or 3?)
Radiant Historia
Final Fantasy IV

...and the list goes on....

Radiant Historia kind of had that storyline that was too complicated for its own good. Go back in time to change history! But not REALLY back in time, just to an alternate timeline. And you go back and forth. But for some reason, one timeline affects the other. But not really.

Oh and while you do all this, another dude also has this magical power and is changing crap in both timelines while you are changing stuff. SO you can't go back in time to kill him before he gets the power, because he'd still exist in another timeline. Sooo


But it has the best soundtrack I've ever heard for a portable game. So thats great.
(On Resident Evil Revelations)
"4/10. The campaign was great, but the originality to Raid was stolen from Pokemon..." -CPU-Z

User Info: confettistorm

5 years ago#32
KGTrigger posted...
I get 3 day weekends, so I have quite a bit of time on my hands.

My real challenge is sticking with a game long enough to beat it. There have been hardly any games lately that keep me hooked until I finish it. I think the last game I actually played to completion was Disgaea 3 on the Vita. The last 3DS game I played to completion was probably Tales of the Abyss, and even that became a bit tedious halfway through (only temporarily).

I have been reading many books though, and I believe they can replace video games as my hobby.

I'm like the opposite of everyone here. I have no backlog because I play ALL my games to the fullest.
I don't think I can even name a game that I own that I didn't put in 50 hours.

Tales games are the best for me.
Close to 300 hours on Tales of Graces F.
190 hours on Abyss 3DS.
500+ on Symphonia

I also played Warcraft 3 EXCLUSIVELY for 6 years.
I usually only have 6-7 games per console cycle, not including PC.
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  3. Does anyone else have a HUGE backlog of DS games and NO time to play them?

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