VC Guessing Game - Releases for 11/22/12

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User Info: DeLorean83

5 years ago#11
Ninja Gaiden.....please for the love of God!!

User Info: ecco6t9

5 years ago#12
Nothing. Not even Zelda II since no one will be at Nintendo tomorrow to upload the games.
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User Info: Bass_X0

5 years ago#13
Ninja Gaiden
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User Info: Linkara

5 years ago#14
No other games
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User Info: _Shaih_

5 years ago#15
Ninja Gaiden
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User Info: Remmy8199

5 years ago#16
Shantae is the only correct answer.

User Info: G1_Nightbeat

5 years ago#17
Ninja Gaiden

User Info: PredatorStalker

5 years ago#18
No other games.
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User Info: Gogo726

5 years ago#19
No other games
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