Red or Blue XL?

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User Info: FaustXII

5 years ago#1
So red or blue - Results (134 votes)
47.76% (64 votes)
52.24% (70 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I haz heard rumors the 3DS xl blue had a better, less-yellow screen. Is there any truth to this? Which color looks better/less childish do you think?

User Info: aak57

5 years ago#2
They both look good. Haven't heard those rumors so I can't say much about it. Check them out in person and decide for yourself. Neither really seem to photograph all that well, and neither look very "kiddy" to me. They're a matte metallic finish.
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User Info: Heliotrope

5 years ago#3
What about the silver one? That's the Colour I was thinking of getting.
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User Info: aak57

5 years ago#4
Haven't seen the silver myself since I live in NA, but I imagine it's also a matte metallic finish in which case I imagine it'd look really nice.
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User Info: MrFwibbles

5 years ago#5
I've only seen red and silver, the red one looked sexy but the silver one was plain and boring.
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User Info: MRW1215

5 years ago#6
I was going to hold out for an all black one (or at the very least, silver/black), because that's what I always get for my electronics. But, I decided to take advantage of the Best Buy sale right now, so I got a blue one. It's a nice shade of blue, and I like it. Actually, I probably would've been okay with red, too, but blue was always my favorite color as a kid, so...
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

5 years ago#7

Because Power Rangers.
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User Info: FaustXII

5 years ago#8
Dammit, I think I'm gonna have to go with red... Vote peeps!!

User Info: FaustXII

5 years ago#9
I got the red one. It's just a tad bit more "badass" no? I mean it's the color of blood, etc..

User Info: Jumpmandk

5 years ago#10
I wanted all white, but since NOA sucks @$$, I went with red. It is nice and I also saw the blue at retail, and it's pretty nice as well. Either color is cool.
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