How Many Nintendo Portables Do You Own?

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User Info: dancer62

5 years ago#41

1 GB Pocket (black)
2 GBC (Hot Pink, Atomic Purple)
1 GBA (Pink)
1 GBA-SP (Flame Red)
5 DSL (Guitar Hero, Chinese Dragon, Crimson/Black, Coral Pink, Black)
1 3DS (Flame Red)
1 Pokemon Mini (Purple)
I'm waiting for Bandai to release the WonderSwan/SwanCrystal II and blow both the Vita and the 3DS away.

User Info: LinkMaster2703

5 years ago#42
I have:
Game Boy (red)
Game Boy Color (yellow Pikachu)
Game Boy Advance SP (red) (That someone broke, unfortunately)
Game Boy Micro (Famicom)
DSi (black)
DSi XL (Mario 25th Anniversary)
3DS (black)
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

5 years ago#43
Separate generations? 4

Total lifetime:
Cobalt GBC (sold it to some guy)
Platinum GBA
Semi-transparent GBA (friend left it at my house and forgot about it)
Platinum DS phat (broken)
White DS Lite (somewhat functional)
Black DSi (traded in for 3DS)
Red DS Lite
Black 3DS
Blue 3DS XL
Original GB (bought at a yard sale, never got it to work)

User Info: pokemon2poker

5 years ago#44
DS lite
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User Info: Toadster9001

5 years ago#45
lol at the 14 year-olds lying about owning Game & Watches. I voted for the fifth option.
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User Info: McMarbles

5 years ago#46
2, a DS and a GBA, both original model.

Actually, I might still have a GBC floating around somewhere.

No 3DS yet, but with my birthday and Hanukkah coming up and 60$ of GameStop store credit, I should soon.
Currently playing: Suikoden
Rainbow Dash is best pony. Fact.

User Info: Ikilluha1

5 years ago#47
1 Gameboy
1 Gameboy Color - Purple
1 Gameboy Advance - see-through
1 Gameboy Advance SP - Silver
1 Gameboy Micro - Japanese/Mother 3
2 NDS - Clam grey, and blue
2 DSLite - Pink, and Black
1 DSi - white

No 3DS as of yet.
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User Info: jburnt1

5 years ago#48
4 Generations - 7 models

Gameboy Color
Gameboy Advance (Afterburn'd)
Gameboy Advance SP
Gameboy Advance Micro
My Collection >
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User Info: Cookie_Aroma

5 years ago#49
5 for the poll.

Blue GB Pocket
Purple GB Color
See-through light blue-ish GBA / Black GBA
Blue GBA SP / Silver GBA SP
Normal color DS / Red DS
Pink 3DS / Black 3DS

They aren't all mine though (obviously).

User Info: smifypz

5 years ago#50
GBC (don't know where it is, but still have it)
GBA SP (slightly messed up, but still playable
DS Lite
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PSN: tennislover3195
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