Your most used 3DS 'app'/game?

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User Info: wackyteen

5 years ago#1
In terms of hours.

Just go to your activity log.

Put your first 3 most used and as a bonus question, what was your most played DS game?

Top 3:
Internet Browser(good for browsing from bed) @105 hours
Netflix @ 76 hours
Ocarina of Time 3D @ 57:35 hours.

Most played DS game? DQIX @ over 500 hours.
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User Info: tallgeeseIV

5 years ago#2
1 - SW: Chronicles
2 - KI:U
3 - KH:DDD
4 - PKMN: W2

User Info: so64

5 years ago#3
1. Nintendo 3DS sound 140:57
2. Kid Icarus: Uprising 78:58
3. Internet Browser 78:29

Most played DS game is Rune Factory 3 with 65:33 (also it's number 4 on the list.
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User Info: danmiy12

5 years ago#4
my most used apps and rank based on time played
1.Kid Icarus Uprising 373 hours 27 minutes
2.Pokemon black 352 hours 50 minutes
3.pokemon rumble blast 118hours 12 minutes

my most played ds game is already listed above: Pokemon Black 352 hours 50 minutes
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User Info: Baha05

5 years ago#5
1. Resident Evil Revelaiton 62:43

2. Kingdom Hearts 3D 57:31

3. Pokemon White 2 49:49
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User Info: Jason20091

5 years ago#6
1 Mario Kart 7 88 hrs

2 Super Mario 3dland 25hrs

3 Resident evil revelations 18hrs

User Info: psycho_slicer

5 years ago#7
Havest moon a new beginning-80:08
Final fantasy tactics a2-80:06
Pokemon black 2 -56:33

User Info: Xashowd

5 years ago#8
Internet Browser (900+ Hours. Also 1st in number of uses with 1501, including just now)

Kid Icarus Uprising (Around 400+ Hours. Also 2nd in Number of uses)

Kingdom Hearts DDD (170+ Hours. Also 1st in Average Time Played, with an average of over 2 hours)
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User Info: warmilk

5 years ago#9
1st: Pokemon White 2 (42:00)
2nd: KH DDD (33)
3rd:Super Mario 3d Land (18)

Its funny that out of my 12 3DS games my most played is a regular DS games. Shows how great Pokemon B/W 2 is
I only exist.

User Info: yoda2323

5 years ago#10
1) New Super Mario Bros. 2 - around 91 hours
2) Ghost Recon Shadow Wars - around 87 hours
3) Swapnote - around 81 hours

DS games:
1) Picross 3D - around 76 hours
2) New Super Mario Bros. - around 42 hours
3) Super Mario 64 DS - around 25 hours

1) Absolute Chess - around 17 hours
2) Academy: Chess Puzzles - around 17 hours
3) Dark Void Zero - around 13 hours

1) Fractured Soul - around 51 hours
2) VVVVVV - around 28 hours
3) Mighty Switch Force - around 24 hours

3DS retail:
1) New Super Mario Bros. 2 - around 91 hours
2) Ghost Recon Shadow Wars - around 87 hours
3) Kid Icarus: Uprising - around 60 hours

1) Super Mario Bros. - around 36 hours
2) Minish Cap - around 18 hours
3) Mario vs. Donkey Kong - around 16 hours

Virtual Console (non-Ambassador):
1) Catrap - around 11 hours
2) Donkey Kong - around 4 hours
3) Super Mario Land - around 4 hours
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