EGM only gave Paper Mario: Sticker Star a 6.5/10

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User Info: Toadster9001

4 years ago#81
Geno posted...
I can see where people are complaining about the battle system, because it's such a brazen transition from the old battle system. I'd have rather had an RPG-like sense of progression, but the fact that the stickers are there and you only have one use before they're gone forever adds an interesting strategic dynamic to the game.

Unfortunately, the bosses have mostly, thus far, been quite frustrating. I understand they were going for a strategic stance to some of them, but when I have access to a boss that I can't beat without a single item early in the game is confusing and frustrating as heck.

It's not that it's a bad game, it's just that it could have been a better one than it is now.

Very well said. The game is extremely tedious, and the lack of a cohesive story is very disappointing.
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User Info: Anclation

4 years ago#82
Lol EGM, that's the same score they gave Xenoblade Chronicles. Handheld GOTY confirmed!

User Info: prinnylord1

4 years ago#83
On topic: oh look dood its this thread again

Off topic: this thread is now about what you want santa to bring you this year!
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  3. EGM only gave Paper Mario: Sticker Star a 6.5/10

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