First Video game?

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User Info: AdolRed

4 years ago#101
Mario 3. I thought the goombas were puppies and I tried to pet them which resulted in me running into em and dying over and over
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User Info: DOAsaturn

4 years ago#102
I honestly can't really remember, it was one of these...

Atari Football (Atari 2600)
Keystone Kapers (Atari 2600)
Centipede (arcade)
Donkey Kong (arcade)
Pac-Man (arcade)
Super Mario Bros (NES)
Pong TV Unit
Mario Game & Watch

Those were my collected first video game experiences. A friend of mine had the Atari 2600 and those two games I remember fondly. I also played Super Mario Bros to death at another friend's house. I remember the Showbiz Pizza arcades with all the classic machines back then, too.

One of my buddies only had a pong unit, which we played until he tried to strangle me with the cord after I beat him. He didn't pop his ritalin for the day I guess...

User Info: DOAsaturn

4 years ago#103
Crap, almost forgot Oregon Trail for the Apple II. I remember staying after school for extended play sessions of that one!

User Info: arthur8642

4 years ago#104
Zork, pc.

What, you mean graphical? SMB, NES.
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User Info: EM_Mega

4 years ago#105
Gemfire/Killer Instinct on the SNES, one of those two.

User Info: triple_lei

4 years ago#106
Super Mario Bros.

Part of the SMB / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet 3-in-1 bundle with the red Zapper.

I even faintly remember being at Toys 'R Us late at night to get it. I was probably only 5 or so. I don't ever remember not having the NES, that's for sure...

User Info: Gold Slime

Gold Slime
4 years ago#107
I'm not really sure since it was so long ago, but I think it was Asteroids for the Atarii 2600. If it wasn't Asteroids it was almost certainly Pitfall instead.
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User Info: DemonSeal-Curse

4 years ago#108
Pokemon Blue when I was 3, was re-playing through Leafgreen not long ago and was amazed at how at age 3 I could make it all the way to the elite four on my own. My first console game was when I was 5, and it was Spyro The Dragon.
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User Info: VampireRonin

4 years ago#109
Galaga, probably back in '89-'90.
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User Info: GastonRabbit

4 years ago#110
My memory isn't positive on this, but it was either the first Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3 (i.e. one of the classic 8-bit games). When I was little I would watch my brother play the NES and grew up to become a frequent gamer even though he rarely plays them these days. I think I started playing video games when I was three years old; I'm 23 now so it would have been at least 20 years (coinicidentally, Kirby's 20th anniversary was this year) since then and still a fan of series I grew up with like Mario, Zelda, and Kirby (got into Pokémon at age nine and branched out into way more series starting when I was 17 or so).
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