Game like Little Big Planet?

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User Info: TakeItInTheFace

5 years ago#31
I appreciate all the answers. I'll go with New Super Mario 2 and see if she likes that. I'll also look into Mickey Mouse... I wasn't even aware that you could download demos. Thanks for the tip.
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User Info: Ruff_Puff

5 years ago#32
JP_Sartre posted...
TakeItInTheFace posted...
I already explained why... I only have one Vita (MINE!!) and I don't want it to wind up broken. She already dropped it yesterday.

Lock your Vita in a cabinet, give her the 3DS. At least if she breaks it, cheaper to replace.

I agree with this. Though, you may feel like a meanie when she asks why the Vita disappeared, lol.
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