what would be a better purchase (JRPG fans only)

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User Info: antoinejones

5 years ago#31
OoSubaruoO posted...
MetalLoki posted...
antoinejones posted...
emagdnE posted...

I'd save the money up for a machine that will help you develop some standards instead of buying jRPGs

I have a wide variety of "standards" unlike SOME people clearly... as my PS3 trophy list clearly shows

Know troll, just ignore him and his other account Endgame.

He's right, games like Valkyria Chronicles/Tales of Symphonia/Xenoblade Chronicles/etc are all terrible.


Well since you mention valkyria chronicles I found teh story in that game to be extremely boring.... probably not BAD (star ocean 4 is what would be BAD lol) but it just wasnt very entertaining/engaging/fun... the battle system on th eother hanmnd was great and well worth owning the game... I got VP2 for psp for the same reason (evenn though i havent played it yet lol)
My first time and day in Jeuno and the first 6 hours of it is spent staring at a chocobo's butt.
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