PS Vita.......things arent lookin so good.

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User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#111
kewldude475 posted...

Yep. A lot of Vita's problem isn't game quality (though there are some bad games), but title recognizably. Then when CoD finally launched, being developed by Nihilistic, it was half-assed, with 4v4 Multiplayer, and a 1-2 hour story.

That aside, Vita will pick up. I'm almost absolutely sure of this. People thought the PSP and PS3 were going to die, and PSP sold as many units as the PS3, and PS3 competed with the X-box 360. Vita will probably NEVER catch up to the 3DS. It would take an unbelievable amount of third party support, and for 3DS support to slow down for that to happen, but I would be surprised it it didn't end up a success like the PSP.

That all said, I do think that without RE, KH, and KI, 3DS would be worse than the Vita.

I agree.

It should, provided that Sony finally price drops the thing+memory cards and does creates something substantial for it to pull itself out of it's DC-like sales and much more closer to the PSP's or actually better. Including software that signals "must-buy" in the market thats a slightly recognizable exclusive taking advantage of the Vita. But we'll almost never see that actually happen soon if Sony keep dicking around with it's marketing system besides the cool PS+ deal instead of courting even more third parties onto their system.
but thats NOT to say that the Vita doesn't have nice games coming for it already. :P Your right, it obviously won't match up to support. But a PSP-like for sales/support (at least in Japan since the PSP is rather dead around western markets) would be enough to do wonder for the system. But time will tell.

Good thing Nintendo slashed down the 3DS's price cut or else those games could've risked getting moved to another platform.

User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#112
kewldude475 posted...
emagdnE posted...
hey Nintendo fanboys, how about that Wii U launch and all the revelations about it having worse RAM and CPU than PS3?

oh yes, the tables are turning on you guys! now the Sony fans get to mock you!

If PS2 lacked games like KH, MGS, TotA, GTA, FF, and DBZ

it would actually be better off without those abominations weighing the library down

but as it stands, since THOSE are why people claim PS2 is "great", well..... just goes to show how much PS2 sucked

lol Endgame

Probably pass his bedtime again, can't let your children get their grubby little hands on the keyboard getting ready to piss off the world for a quick lolz.

User Info: JulesNeci

4 years ago#113
I really don't know why people find the need to bash the Vita on a 3DS board.
I own both, THEREFORE I was on here looking for something, but I saw your topic and felt the need to say something.
I love both my systems, and comparing them just isn't fair. The games are different and the target audiences are different.

User Info: chestershadow

4 years ago#114
Skaldskaparmal posted...
OMG_A_PONY posted...
lets not forget the psp, which is killing the vita in sales in japan every single week.

Almost everything is killing the Vita in sales in Japan ever single week.

Not sure, but xbox could be the one thing I see not beating vita sales in Japan. Its entirely possible that its doing better though, I wouldnt know where to get trustworthy numbers for that offhand.

User Info: Northern_Rose

4 years ago#115
moogle69 posted...
July 25, 2012 4:13AM PDT

Northern_Rose did you just start doing your research, please stop posting before you make yourself look like a total d***.

Really? You think things have changed that much in 4 months? The 3DS somehow started making a profit in the last 4 months alone? That Nintendo isn't pushing the WiiU to make up for lost money with the 3DS?

So what its 4 months old. Whats changed between now and then? the WiiU came out thats what and the Vita is approaching its first Xmas season. Heck even the 360 got a $50 price drop. All 3 of these are on TV all the time. There is no 3DS adds (if there is I still haven't seen on, not in Canada) no AAA games for the 3DS, not even a new color. Basically there is no reason for people to buy a 3DS this xmas except the people that really want it, because all the other systems just look better, are advertised better and offer more bang for the buck.

Nintendo even said "The 3DS has been selling at a loss, the company confirmed." and "The firm will look to the late 2012 launch of its new console, the Wii U, to boost its sales between now and then."

Does that sound like a company that has big things in store for the 3DS or one that is just going to let it die and push the WiiU instead, because thats exactly what it looks like they are doing to me. If thats the case, then kiss the 3rd party support good bye.

I love my 3DS, I just dont think Nintendo loves the 3DS any more.

4 months old, thats it, just how many 3DS systems do you think were sold in the last 4 months, you say I look bad. Look at the big picture, look at all the factors not just whats right in front of you.

If the 3DS was doing good, there would be something to buy for it this xmas, a new color a new AAA game something, anything, but there is not even any commercials for it. Doesn't that make you wonder why Nintendo isn't willing to spend money on marketing for it?

2 new systems in less than 2 years. Moves like that bankrupted Sega. The only reason for doing so is an attempt to cover the losses of the first one. So if thats the case, how much attention do you think Nintendo will give the 3DS. Look at the confirmed release dates for NA, I dont see too many at all.

For the record I would rather look like a d*** than a fan boy, at least one of these things is useful.
"I am bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad." ~ Bad-Anon
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User Info: FlamesOfGrey

4 years ago#116
JulesNeci posted...
I really don't know why people find the need to bash the Vita on a 3DS board.
I own both, THEREFORE I was on here looking for something, but I saw your topic and felt the need to say something.
I love both my systems, and comparing them just isn't fair. The games are different and the target audiences are different.

It's because no matter how well the 3DS is doing, they're still insecure fanboys. Those are the only people who go out of their way to bash other systems.

Both systems have something to offer. Some people won't like the 3DS line-up and some won't like the PS Vita line-up, At the end of the day, gamers should be supporting each in in getting great games.

User Info: moogle69

4 years ago#117
Northern_Rose posted...
BLAH Blah blah...

the XL is confirmed to make profit for them and the original is making very little but still it makes profit for them. at this point they don't need to advertise to make their systems sell, they are letting their games do that for them, an system don't sell the systems, its the games that sell the system and Vita + 3DS war clearly show that. now with the Wii situation it could have been something to do with its demographic and devs resource problem when porting their games to the system.

Nintendo is not sega, now i can't say anything about sega since i never even knew that they ones manufactured their own consoles and apparently failed, hell i don't care about their games (i do have phantasy star collection for my GBA however and hate it). the Wii U is already doing amazingly well, unless if you are looking at all the trolls in the board of course, then you have issues. the 3DS is doing amazingly well as well, nintendo pretty much has nothing to worry about, their brand is strong and its only growing stronger, since they do something new this gen other than make FPSs, therefore people would go to their system if they want something more, and their games are fun in general.

yes im a nintendo fanboy, can't deny it and not afraid to show it off, but if PSvita had something going for it, ill have my money in Sony's bank ready, just like the PSP. My gaming life begun with PS1 after all, but however PSP was such a disappointment that somehow i was able to mutate myself from a blind sony fanboy to a nintendo fanboy. can't say i like alot of nintendo games, but their handhelds clearly don't disappoint, in that case you can call me a nintendo handheld fanboy but this gen i am having a go at their consoles with the WiiU (hopefully it does not disappoint, i don't play consoles that much but a few games that i can come back playing over and over again would be great for a console and i think nintendo in that fulfils very well).
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User Info: SplatterHouse55

4 years ago#118
NathanisDrake posted...
Northern_Rose posted...
Zelda saved the 3DS and KH:DD helped sell a few more systems after that. What have we got since? Whats the next big release? Everyone has Zelda and Kid Icarus now so what is there for parents to buy their kids for xmas this year? Nothing for the 3DS.

You honestly think Paper Mario Sticker Star stands a chance against CoD and the Vita bundle? There is no big games for the 3DS for people to buy this xmas. There is no bundles there is nothing. No one has a reason to spend money on a 3DS this xmas.

I'll make sure to save this quote, so I can laugh in your ignorant face once NPD results for Xmas rolls in.

But seriously, why don't you just sell your 3ds and get a Vita if that's how you feel about it? I'm sure their community will welcome your ignorance with open-arms.

Why does it have to be one or the other? It's not like we're talking about a Yankees/Red Sox rivalry here where you can't root for both. I recently bought the ACL Vita bundle AND the SM 3DS bundle as Xmas gifts for my family of 4, and I'm genuinely excited about both.
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