PS Vita.......things arent lookin so good.

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User Info: Azure_lKite

5 years ago#41
NathanisDrake posted...

This. I find myself in the middle of this situation,I want the vita to well,but I can't stand some of the fanboys which makes me want to see it die just to shut them up.

^My thoughts exactly. Hence the sig.

The irony here is so strong that I need a Tetanus shot, considering you're one of the people who go over at the Vita boards just to post "Vitassurance" in every topic.
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User Info: ave1

5 years ago#42
The shot in the arm that the Vita needs is:

1) Bundle with a high capacity memory card
2) provide 5 free PSP or PS1 game downloads with the purchase of the Vita (this helps people get past the fact that it's not backwards compatible with PSP)
3) Revise it to have a longer battery life than 3DS and market that aspect like crazy
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User Info: Sol_Clyde

5 years ago#43
You guys can volunteer to work for Sony.

Your ideas are just as good as what they've been doing to the system until now...
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User Info: Maninstagnate

5 years ago#44
I own a vita and that the problem is the price. Vita has lots of quality games but are from new or unknown Ips. Vita needs a big price drop early next year or its game over for it.

User Info: legendarylemur

5 years ago#45
Actually, the best thing Vita could have done is to do a near rip-off of the 3DS, just have to screens side by side instead, for example. This allows for games to be ported, and the emulation of books could have worked as a neat little gimmick and a new title for the console. Both could be touch screens. Now it's no longer a race of who gets which developers but which developers are willing to forsake 3D for double touch screen vice-versa. If neither, the game is ported on to both consoles, and we're generally happy but critical that Sony ripped off Nintendo again.

However, it would have been a very smart thing to do. The only multiplat handheld game right now is Virtue's Last Reward I believe, and VLR benefits from that dual screen.

Dual screen is just as much as important as touch screens. People don't always realize that.
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User Info: moogle69

5 years ago#46
n00bsaib0t posted...
I think people talking about power are doing it wrong. The Vita's issue is having all that power and doing nothing with it, not that power was the focus. If the Vita had the 3DS library the 3DS wouldn't be the superior system, it just cant stand up to what the Vita is capable of. Until the Vita has a vast amount of quality titles that cant be played elsewhere its pretty much useless, but the power of the system isnt the issue.

I personally think power is the main cause, why? Here take this however you like it, "trying to be a console while being ab handheld". This is the main issue, why would developers bother with high budget titles on a handheld when they can do it for a console? This is the reason why vita is becoming a portstation.
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User Info: hyjinx17

5 years ago#47
It's upsetting honestly. The Vita is an impressive piece of hardware, better then the 3DS if you just look at specs, but it's just not getting the support it needs, from 3rd parties OR Sony itself. Where are all the RPGs? Where are all the shooters to take advantage of that second stick? Where are all the action adventure games? Its not even like it has 1 or 2 great titles in each genre then 100 bad ones, it has 1-2 good ones and 1-2 bad ones.

Sony needs to step it up asap
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User Info: Kiri_FTW

5 years ago#48
I find this whole discussion funny...some people think its because of this and others because of that...have you not thought yet that it may very well be that Nintendo are behind on tech because their out with speed
ps2, xbox gamecube... ok,,,right

ps3, xbox 360, hold on...wii is nothing special apart from its just a gamecube with more interactivity...

Wii was for a long long time considered the best console for years...and it wasnt even anything was just more FUN for everyone...why buy your son an xbox when the whole family can enjoy a wii...mother father sister and son...
sales skyrocketed...and guess what...when their competitors were about to unveil something new...they simply lower the price and throw in a bundle deal...NOW PARENTS CAN EVEN SAVE ON MONEY WITH A BARGAIN...sales continued...this was their strategy for AGGGGES....then 3DS came out ALL DS DROP MORE THEN 40% IN son you can have a new DS not 3DS though... there were more DS's sold in the year 3DS came out then there were in the 2 years prior to its release...

now you must think....if nintendo have crushed their competition easily using just a more interactive gamecube for starters....image whats going to happen when 720 or ps4 come out...wii has not even stepped into crazy game graphics like microsoft or sony...
how about £10 $20off that 3DS you wanted now it is under 190 bucks
ahhhh go on...have it for less then 140 bucks...

of course their always on top guys....nintendo is a family based gaming company...
who has more money...parents...
there are more families then individuals making their own
for every 1 person you have a family of least....
families and parents are the number 1 consumer of gaming consoles and games...
appeal to parents struggling with cash to make there high maintenance kids happy by LOWERING PRICES every time they see something they think they want
hey I can buy both our kids a wii rather then each of them an xbox....make sense

Lets look at xbox kinect for a moment...what came out along side kinect...
playstation magic wand
wii motion plus...
well we already have a wii so why must I buy a new console that has a motion sensor when i can increase the insane interactivity of the current wii we have

kinect flopped while sony continued to copy ideas from nintendo.
sony couldnt even figure out how to make the ps3 analog pad with vibrations and axis for get this....a year and a half...then they somehow come up with this decide suspiciously like a wii remote yeah?!
kinect flopped due to ps3 finally fixing there key flaws....a decent pad and interactivity
nintendo lol'ed...PRICE DROP...
kinect has not been out that long and already it went from being 2 thirds the price of an original brand new next gen console around £200 $300 to being cheaper then buying rockband game with 1 guitar extra guitar...
but recently xbox had some game companies look back at kinect and develop better games such as DBZ marvel and even put sales on games now you can buy kinect cheaper and its games....they have currently been raping in monies due to this...

anyway enough about this stuff...why even care about what need to go to a store and look at what you want and say this to yourself....I could buy this and enjoy it...or I could moan and whine and go without till its cheaper by then missing out on games that were hot at the time which now have better versions out so you didnt get to enjoy the full extent of the hype...could you imagine only playing the last ever made tekken and people getting bored of it would feel gutted you wasnt their from the beggining....think about shut up...and give them your money...
as the saying goes
when it comes to the price...if you have to ask you cant afford it....
for the dumb out there...that means you have to think bout cash

User Info: stargazer64

5 years ago#49
@ Kiri

Now that's how you kill a topic in style.
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User Info: E-25

5 years ago#50
hyjinx17 posted...
Where are all the RPGs? Where are all the shooters to take advantage of that second stick? Where are all the action adventure games?

On the PS3, which is probably one of the biggest issues with the Vita. It's competing with its console counterpart instead of getting its own exclusive games for the most part.
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