PS Vita.......things arent lookin so good.

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User Info: Arsene-Lupin

5 years ago#81
But the Vita does have b/c.

The Vita's problem isn't a lack of good titles, either. The Vita has an incredible library (as good or better than the 3DS, IMHO).

The Vita's problems are threefold: first, many of its higher-quality titles don't get localized overseas; second, the game is being advertised as a "portable PS3" with many of its "AAA titles" simply being lesser iterations of games currently available on the home consoles (PS3/360) every gamer already owns; third, poor support from Sony--months pass with zero digital support, months pass with zero retail releases. Game releases need to be staggered.

The 3DS library isn't any better than the Vita's, so why does it feel like it is? Because the 3DS got it's games spread out evenly through the year. The Vita? It got all of its games in June or November--at least in North America and Europe.

Basically, the main reason the Vita is floundering in the West is because SCEA and SCEU don't seem to give a flying ****. You know, kind of like where the Wii was (or the 3DS) at this time last year. And given how much the 3DS has turned around, it's not too hard to envision a future where Sony can do the same. Though, if the rumors re: PS Orbis are true, that may end up being little more than a pipe dream.
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User Info: JoeHigashi2000

5 years ago#82
I'm hoping for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to get localized and put on PSN... But as a plus homebrew isn't being slowed down to one day being able to access the vita's system OS and not just being limited to the psp emulator being compromised.

Imagine being able to apply patches on JP vita games without needing to rip the game. Like how the wii can do it with some games.
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User Info: Northern_Rose

5 years ago#83
How many parents out there right now stopped to look at a game review before buying a game or system for a child for xmas? How many parents even know where to go to find game reviews?

And I am talking about the systems, including games.

A WiiU.

A 3DS by its self thats 2 years old.

Paper Mario Sticker Star.

A Vita with CoD, (maybe a bad game for the Vita but still a name people recognize none the less)

Those are the big choices for xmas this year. Parents are more likely to buy a bundle for an xmas gift just so they can get out of having to buy a game as well. The WiiU and the Vita are the new systems this xmas.

It has nothing to do with whats better or what got what reviews. Its got to do with marketing and what parents are more likely to buy.

I have seen a lot of Vita adds and a lot of WiiU adds but not 1 3DS add on TV recently.

Nintendo will market the WiiU to try to recover the 3DS losses from last year. They wont waist money marketing it this year and there is no big AAA game recently out that will sell the system either.

Of the 3 new systems, the 3DS will sell the least this xmas due to a total lack of marketing.

But hey if understanding how marketing works makes me a troll its ok. Everyone is a troll on this site these days anyway. I didnt say anything bad about any game or system and somehow that makes me a troll. Well Im ok with that if you are.
"I am bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad." ~ Bad-Anon
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User Info: OoSubaruoO

5 years ago#84
Here's how a parent finds out about a system or game before purchasing it, without having to look it up online or w/e.

Ask the sales clerk. Making uninformed purchases is the issue these days with parents.
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User Info: Caelthus

5 years ago#85
The vita is dying.
Anybody who says otherwise is completely ignorant of how it is doing sales wise and completely and absolutely delusional.
It's been nearly a year now, and the vita has shown no signs whatsoever of growth, and is actually setting record lows.When you're a brand new handheld,and you've barely sold 1 million units(Has it even sold that much?), and you're only selling 4000 units a week,and your competition is outselling you 50 to 1, there is something critically, catastrophically wrong.
The vita has all but 2-3 months left to do something huge.
If they don't announce some extreme life-saving measures, this spring, sales will all but cease to exist for the vita, what with the release of MH4,fire emblem,and others for the 3DS.
And the one thing that COULD help the ailing system - MH - has now actually become a 3DS franchise, which is just salt on the wound.
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User Info: NathanisDrake

5 years ago#86
I would like to point out your flawed logic, Rose.

First off, if the parents were to buy a new CoD for their kids, obviously the majority of them would buy the superior PS360 version that just came out the same time CoD Vita did(Stupid move, Activision). Why would they buy an expensive handheld with an outrageous price tag just for a handheld CoD, over the superior version on a console their kids already have? Think about it, champ.

Finally, why would parents buy their kids "M rated" CoD in the first place? I never knew a majority of parents would expose their child to violence. Because last I checked, the sales are ridiculous because the kids bought them themselves, not the parents. And do you think a kid would go out to a local gamestore to buy CoD for their 360, or for a new $300 handheld they know nothing about? Sales data proved they bought the former.

I would also like to point out that the 3ds caters to a different audience. A safer audience, and one that is responsible for its currently healthy sales in NA. Unlike the Vita, it doesn't compete for the same audience the consoles appeal to.
Fanboys, especially SONY fanboys, are what's wrong with gaming. Not changing my sig till someone proves me wrong.

User Info: NathanisDrake

5 years ago#87
Northern_Rose posted...
Of the 3 new systems, the 3DS will sell the least this xmas due to a total lack of marketing.

Please, oh please stop being ignorant. If I were to post that, I would replace "3ds" with "Vita". And unlike you, truth and facts are on my side.

And to point it out, you're not a "troll". You're an annoying, obnoxious poster who keeps making stuff up and claim them as the truth. And what's worse is that you believe what you said. It's like saying "the world will end tomorrow". It came out of nowhere, it has no known basis at all, it's an outrageous claim that differs greatly from the truth, and it has a 1/1000000 chance of happening. Saying the Vita will outsell the Wii U or the 3ds is no different.
Fanboys, especially SONY fanboys, are what's wrong with gaming. Not changing my sig till someone proves me wrong.

User Info: SMASHKING84

5 years ago#88
to be fair vita has been decently advertised the last couple of weeks i mean i see two or three adds for it a day were as the 3ds you only see once a day if that...

i'm not saying vita will do much in sells but atm vita is being more heavily advertised
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unless i state otherwise everything i say is MY opinion.

User Info: robomasteralpha

5 years ago#89
Arsene-Lupin posted...
But the Vita does have b/c.

Really? So where do you cram the UMD?

There's no UMD drive, therefore it's not backwards compatible. And no, having to buy **** I already own all over again doesn't count as backwards compatability. That's like saying the 3DS is backwards compatible with the NES because the eShop has NES games.
Shop smart. Shop Mario Mart.

User Info: Northern_Rose

5 years ago#90
Its an opinion, I have one as do many of you, so what if they are not the same, does attacking me for mine make you guys feel better or something.

This is the first Xmas for the vita, xmas sales change everything. What happens to the vita next is going to depend on how well it does this xmas and im sorry but they are advertising the crap outta it.

But what ever, attack me for what ever reasons you want. I got just as much right to be here as any of you and to post my opinion, the same way you all posted yours. If you dont like it do the mature thing and just ignore what I said and move on. But the PMs Im getting over this one topic, my god. Some of you guys REALLY need to grow up.

Nintendo still hasn't recovered from its losses with the 3DS yet. When it was released it was almost the same price as the Vita and no one bought it, They had to give it a huge price cut to sell it and even then sales sucked until Zelda got released for it.

The vita is over priced yet they are still selling them without cutting their price, they are not reporting huge losses and they even have money to pay for marketing. And again this is the first Xmas for the Vita, anything can happen.

I say it might do better than you guys think, and get called a lire, a troll, ignorant and people start attacking me via PMs. Over what? 1 personal opinion. Yet Im the villain here. Its nice to see you guys dont disappoint, you lived up to the reputation this board has and then some. (thats not a good thing)

Of all the arguments I been in on this site over the years, this is the first time I have ever been personally attacked via PMs for a post I made, over a personal opinion. Ya, some of you guys (not all) have made this a very sad board to use and you really need to grow up.
"I am bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad." ~ Bad-Anon
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