Nintendo is King of Handhelds

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User Info: badboy

5 years ago#51
original game boy

i think the only real competitor was the psp, still ds was better.

User Info: k925457

5 years ago#52
gba sp FTW

User Info: kakashik99992

5 years ago#53
Game Boy with a pokemon red version stuck in it for all his existence

User Info: arthur8642

5 years ago#54
Gameboy pocket with wario land and pokemon red.

That thing was awesome. Very durable, good battery life, sharp screen.
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User Info: blm03v

5 years ago#55
I got a GameGear on my 10th birthday,and a Gameboy about 2 years later. The GameGear was a great system, but it ate through batteries like crazy. Had fond memories of playing games like Castle of Illusion, Sonic 2, Columns and Revenge of Drancon (aka Wonderboy). Plus, on top of all those, it had an adapter to play Master System games.

User Info: HungoverHero777

5 years ago#56
Purple GBC.
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User Info: Phantom_Nook

5 years ago#57
Game Boy Pocket
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User Info: blablablax17

5 years ago#58
Quote:Gameboy color with Pokemon Blue being my 1st game.

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User Info: videogamefan65

5 years ago#59
An original brick gameboy, with tetris and super mario land.

I've had it since before I even had coherent memories.
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User Info: Mad_Dog88

5 years ago#60
My first handheld was the gameboy color with pokemon blue. Great times that I still remember pretty well. In those days I was more of a console gamer though as I was still playing NES and SNES quite a bit then.
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