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User Info: thomas0889

4 years ago#1
I have been playing the pokemon games since they came out all those years ago. I saw it come from a black and white game all the way to a feature filled near 3d adventure. They made subtle improvements each generation from being able to pick your gender to contests etc. Now I have a few ideas for the next game whether its released on the ds(not likely) or the 3ds. First I think they should take there time and make a super game. By that I mean including all regions gym leaders and elite 4 members. That would be a pokemon game to end all pokemon games. Imagine going thru each region catching region specific pokemon and fighting there gym leaders it would take some serious time to complete that game. With most pokemon games you have to return tp previous games to get certain pokemon ie the time chamber or migrating or even event pokemon but I think as far as that goes you should have each generation of pokemon in there corresponding regions. As for the event pokemon if you miss the event then they should make em dlc(I was so dam mad when I missed arceus). Then I think they should go 1 step further as such as being able to customize your character. Like you can pick there gender why not be able to change there shirt pant and hat or bandana(I hated the hat from diamond pearl and platinum). I would wait sum years for this game. I wouldn't even be mad if instead of adding 100 new pokemon they just go with the region thing. Cuz it seems to me they are starting to run out of possible ideas(looking at you gothnic). I still love the idea of having 2 diff versions with a 3rd one coming out a year or 2 after. Imagine a pokemon game spanning from kanto to unova. It be 1 hell of a game.

User Info: Nekoakuma

4 years ago#2
wall of text relating to pokemon;

tl;dr, but i bet tc mentions having all regions in Pokemon at least once.
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User Info: zero1031

4 years ago#3
For me a good Pokemon game will have to be colosseum style (the 3d aspect of the game, not gameplay wise) with all the good gameplay of the current ds games.
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User Info: Catcher_Freeman

4 years ago#4
Having a game with all regions would hurt sales for future games.

Not to mention, GameFreak can't even do two regions in one game properly.

They tried it with Kanto and Johto in GSC/HGSS and it resulted in both regions being small and empty.

One good region > Two watered-down ones.
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