what are some good 3DS games that are coming in the first half of 2013?

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User Info: DiligentTree

5 years ago#21
OtherSuperPhil posted...
warior55 posted...
Zanimar posted...
From: BlackPhoenix127 | #002
How about you do your own damn research? You're on the internet.

1. He's on the internet
2. He goes to a website dedicated to video games
3. He goes to the forums that are dedicated to the system and games he is wondering about
4. He creates a topic that to ask the question he has.
5. He patiently awaits answers

I'd say he's already doing research. How about next time, instead of trying to look big and bad and tell someone to do something they are already doing, you just simply say you don't know, or avoid the topic entirely. All you do is end up looking liking a moron with typing out such an idiotic message.

As to the TC's question, I'm afraid I do not know. I only know what games are available when they are actually out and in store. :(

Thank you.

I went to the first source that came to mind, which was the gamefaqs 3DS page. There was nothing listed, so I decided to ask the board.

Nintendo fanboys prove once again why they are the scum of the earth.

How is a person giving you that answer a Nintendo fanboy? How did you surmise that from that post? And how did you possibly generalize all Nintendo fanboys from that post?

Jesus. You're the one who looks like the scum of the earth here tbqh.

Absolutely right. warior55, you've basically just assumed, generalized and insulted all in one post.

My god, just read your posts next time your submit them. You've acting so childish. You should have just told them to give a relevant reply or leave the thread, but no, you had to play the fanboy card.

Christ, these people...
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User Info: OtherSuperPhil

5 years ago#22
Off-topic, but I liked how I wrote Jesus in one post, and DiligentTree wrote Christ in another. Haha.
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User Info: JurassicBond

5 years ago#23
I'm getting Monster Hunter. Never played the series before, but I'm curious about it.
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User Info: HiTek3

5 years ago#24
Castlevania should rock seriously hard (or at least I really hope so).

The latest released 360 / PS3 version awesome, glad it got recognition it deserved, even tho didn't happen as soon as releaed.
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