Resident Evil Revelations coming to PS3/360?

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User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#71
mini_blight posted...
Rurouni720 posted...

Real or Fake?

lol @ all the "PSN/XBLA pls" posts.

This game deserves another real shot at retail, not in a digital closet. I guess Capcom wants it to bomb online too. lol

And i thought GAF's rules weren't fun of port begging lol.

User Info: r_m_8_8

4 years ago#72
AppleJockRida posted...
This is why I dont get why the Vita is selling so badly. Sure it got a lot of franchises from consoles or ports but so does the 3DS. Plus the games on Vita actually look good or like the console versions. So why is it selling so badly? The system is so good I mean.

It lacks good original content that is also popular. No other way around it. 3DS has already lots of exclusives that you can't get anywhere else, and it shows.
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User Info: Dr_Koopa76

4 years ago#73
It better be true

This game didn't deserve to bomb like it did
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User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#74
Dr_Koopa76 posted...
It better be true

This game didn't deserve to bomb like it did

I wonder why the game bombed in the first place....

User Info: Mariofan15

4 years ago#75
From: Dr_Koopa76 | #073
It better be true

This game didn't deserve to bomb like it did

Except it didnt bomb. It did fairly well. And I doubt this is true.
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#76
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
If there is extra content, I'll be more excited. Unless it's a budget PSN/XBL title, then it'll need new content to justify a high price. Don't be the Wii U and think a constant map on the controller screen makes the game worth full retail a year or more later.

It would be far more interesting on the Wii U thanks to the Genesis scanner though.
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User Info: necrofear45

4 years ago#77
AbysmalTrinity posted...
3DS loses another exclusive v_V

exclusives are a dumb concept that just makes people buy a system they never wanted for like three games.

The 3DS will always be worth owning because it's portable, not because your precious franchise installments were held captive on a system you didn't want.

User Info: Chenmaster2

4 years ago#78
Saw this kind of coming when they ported two RE Wii titles to the PS3.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 years ago#79
I can't believe people are bashing RE4-6 for not playing like RE1-CV. I started with RE1, CV is my favorite entry in the series for various reasons. Still, the RE1-CV camera style lead to what is now a VERY dated control scheme and going back to those games makes simple things like learning to walk a chore. Thats your first sign that a game didn't age well, you have to learn how to WALK in it. Factor in that the games were never really all that scary to begin with, you can't really bash RE4-6 for lacking horror. No survival? RE4 started the smart zombies that don't try and mindlessly walk through an object between you and them and will find a way around. They made it HARDER to survive. Seriously, saying there is no survival with smarter zombies is just... wow.

Anyway, I'm all for porting it. It opens up the game to a new audience and thats never a bad thing. If this turns out to be true I'll have to figure out if I want the PS3 or 3DS version once my 3DS gets back from Nintendo. They only mailed it back 11 days ago >_>
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User Info: The_Djoker

4 years ago#80
I'm baffled as to why any Resi fan would think this isn't a good idea?

I'm glad they are. A HANDHELD doesn't do this game justice. Anyone who is upset is just a 3DS fanboy.
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