Question about Professor Layton Series

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User Info: Evonfire

5 years ago#1
Hey guys I have neither a DS/nor 3ds but plan on buying a 3ds soon. I must say, the Prof. Layton series is very intriguing! The thing is, I'd like to play the older games as well and it seems that curious village is very rare. Does the eshop not have all these games for download? Am I gonna have to hunt down pysical copies of them? Thanks.
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User Info: jumper1234

5 years ago#2
The only one you can download is The Miracle Mask, you are gonna have to find the DS ones at stores.
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User Info: t41tGjr

5 years ago#3
Last night I got all of the games in the series for $32 at Gamestop, including Curious Village. They are probably not going to be on the Eshop in the near future (if ever). They had like 15 copies of Curious Village. They also had a box and all the manuals for each game except Curious Village here. I had them all before, but could not pass up the deal. You should hurry and go to Gamestop if you really want them. I bid you good luck finding all of the games though.
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User Info: GigantLuffy

5 years ago#4
The only downloadable Layton is the 3DS one. Layton is a goddamned pimp though. Just gawk in awe @ DAT HAT!

Good luck in you search for Layton!

P.S. If you want to understand the story of Miracle Mask, then you only need to buy Last Specter. It and Miracle Mask mark the beginning of a prequel trilogy.

P.S.S. Gotta love how Level 5 can make 99999999 Layton, Danball Senki, and Inazuma games that still manage to be good...
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User Info: Evonfire

5 years ago#5
Thanks guys, I'll have to hit up Gamestop in the very near future.
I'm a 10+ year GameFaqs lurker.
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