What's the single best game on the 3DS right now?

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User Info: LePhenom

5 years ago#11
My favourite so far is Kid Icarus Uprising, which is in my top3 favourite games I played this year. The one I played the most though is Theathrythm FF... I was addicted to it during summer vacation, playing everyday.

User Info: Remmy8199

5 years ago#12
Devil Survivor Overclocked.

User Info: podracer35

5 years ago#13
zinformant posted...
The best game is Virtue's Last Reward, the sequel to 999. It's improved in nearly every way.

I'm very inclined to agree, since I loved VLR and 999 both, but the glitches in that game are the only thing holding it back from "Best 3DS game" status. Once Chunsoft and Aksys patch it up, it'll be officially the best.

For now, I'm really wanting to say Kid Icarus or Ocarina of Time 3D. Both are excellent games! KI has controls that take time to get used to, but it's not a deal-breaker by any standard.
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User Info: Anclation

5 years ago#14
Kid Icarus: Uprising is easily my favorite 3DS-exclusive.

User Info: kinterpin890

5 years ago#15

User Info: Phantom_Nook

5 years ago#16
Anclation posted...
Kid Icarus: Uprising is easily my favorite 3DS-exclusive.

This, even though the only other original 3DS game I have is Kingdom Hearts 3D, which is fun as well.
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User Info: cheeseyrox2

5 years ago#17
Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star are all great games.
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User Info: ZOMMlE

5 years ago#18
Tales of the Abyss. There's no other 3DS game that you will spend as much time on the single-player. Mario Kart 7 or Kid Icarus if you want to spend a majority of the time online, I recommend the latter. Mario Kart gets old fast.

User Info: teamaquashock

5 years ago#19
Kid Icarus Uprising. Best game I have on 3DS thus far.
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User Info: GigantLuffy

5 years ago#20
Code of Princess because it's Guardian Heroes on the go. I know of the existence of Guardian Heroes Advance, but that game isn't as good as CoP or GH.

Fire Emblem and that Time Traveler game look beast.
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