i like 2 play with myself

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User Info: GreenSF49

4 years ago#11

...gyuugewxv thyyjmbvsb kio!
Your Mom! [insert nike logo here]

User Info: Azular

4 years ago#12
xXDrDoomXx posted...
AP3Brain posted...
Are you twelve?

no, je suis quatorze ans

It's "J'ai quatorze ans."
I came to bring the pain hardcore to the brain, let's go inside my astral plane.

User Info: Blobs_

4 years ago#13
superquester101 posted...
i do it on kid icarus uprising

As do I.
The Gelatinous, Squishy, Tasty Blob of the Kid Icarus: Uprising Board.
I am a blob. Please refrain from eating me.
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