Amazon Cyber Monday 3DS games...

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User Info: kingdrake2

4 years ago#11
TronBonne09 posted...
If Rhythm Thief goes to $20 bucks for the sale...I really hope people take advantage of that!

i will give you a hint... it is gonna be 20$ at about 5:10 pm pacific time.
They literally gave him the keys to the kingdom and he pissed it all away--dragonballer88

User Info: TronBonne09

4 years ago#12
I already have it, I want other people to buy it, so hopefully they look at the hint. :P If it were, I would buy another one to either have a backup copy, or gift it to a friend.
"It's showtime!" - Phantom R ~ Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure

User Info: kreegan64

4 years ago#13
Unfortunately I can't even take advantage of these deals :(
Jesus Christ saves any who call and accept him. Today is better than tomorrow to get saved. Never accept the mark of the beast.

User Info: DOAsaturn

4 years ago#14
I just grabbed rhythm thief but it looks like adventure time is just for DS on the it's waitlisted now...

User Info: Koi_Tenchi

4 years ago#15
I grabbed Rhythm Thief.... I was contemplating grabbing Style Savvy too but I was also expecting it to be 19.99 as well, which it wasn't : (
It's a secret to everybody.

User Info: triple_lei

4 years ago#16
All right, darn it, I caved and got Rhythm Thief too. With CA tax, it was $21.74.

I wasn't really planning on spending anymore money on games this year, but I thought I needed a game for the 3DS that wasn't Tetris. Multiplayer was key.

If I don't absolutely love it, it'll all be you guys's fault!

User Info: Questioner7311

4 years ago#17
Star Fox 64 3D $19.99 on
Well it was at least when I bought it earlier today
PSN: FeatherFang

User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#18
Oh, gosh. With all the other crude topics going on, I mistook the meaning of the word "cyber" in this particular threat.
Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind.
88 Fingers Louie were a hardcore punk band. 88 Fingers Eddward was a nickname on Ed Edd'nEddy. Pretty cool reference.

User Info: eddystolemyname

4 years ago#19
Kid Icarus has been $20 for a day or two for those who didn't know and don't have it.
Finally bought it today.
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