So disappointed on Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sales....

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User Info: confettistorm

4 years ago#11
JC_Jenson posted...
I got nintendogs for $10 and steel diver for $5 ;)

Wow. That's a steal. Nice!

User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

4 years ago#12
I want a 3ds xl pretty bad at this point... havent had a handheld since the sp. Recently downloaded a gameboy advance emulator on my phone since i cant find my old system(hav my advance and ff tactics, but cant find my sp or any other games) and that has me fiending for one now lol... wasnt interested really until playing that emulator and the xl version was released.

I heard on these forums someone came across a sku in a canadien gamestop for a black 3dsXL bundled with mario kart 7 dropping dec. 7th... so i held off buying one this weekend(i might eventually get mario 3d land, but i would hav just sold nintendogs and steel diver right away anyway, plus that ds isnt xl i think, so no deals really made me want one right now)

I also heard in another thread that cheapassgamer reports a few deals for 3dsXL either next week or in 2 weeks, cant remember. So yea, sucks no good black friday/cyber monday deals but might hav some good stuff very soon hopefully

EDIT: cheapassgamer reports blue 3dsXL bundled with MK7 on sale for 199.99 soon, a price drop to 139.99 for regular 3ds, and target havin a sale for reg. 3ds for 129.99 next week.
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  3. So disappointed on Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sales....

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