Any adult/old school 3DS owners here? (friends exchange)

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User Info: T_Tangg

4 years ago#91
Ok, I added everyone. Please add me back if you didn't already.

I got some online games such as Mario Kart 7, Mario Tennis & Kid Icarcus.

FC: 0387-9826-5126

Edit: PM me if you're going to add me so I can do the same for you.

User Info: AncientRomeBC

4 years ago#92
Did anyone else have a ColecoVision lol?
3DS XL 4613-6241-7465
"Veni, Vidi, Vici" - Caesar

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

4 years ago#93
Hey yo. For those of you who posted on this board I added some, but others I can't. I very much new to the 3DS FC system, but if I have to give you a name after entering your friend code, will it change to your actual name or will it stay as whatever I put in? I'll try to add everyone who posted if I haven't tomorrow.
PSN: Handsomistic1
3DS: 1263-5501-9059

User Info: T_Tangg

4 years ago#94
It changes to their correct name automatically once they add you back. So just put any random name at first.

User Info: AlbinoGerbil

4 years ago#95
Added more and sent a few PMs.
Waiting for 14 people to add me back.
Never argue with an idiot. They just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
3DS FC: 3781-0310-6225

User Info: segadc2k5

4 years ago#96
If anyone else has added me, please send me a PM :)
RIP Tiger 2004- March 1st 2007

User Info: RogueStriker

4 years ago#97
You can add me. 1934-1042-4099. PM me back so I can respond.

My first console was NES.
Gotta love Photon Cannon.

User Info: giftofthementor

4 years ago#98
My first console was the SNES [the one bundled with Super Mario World] but I had played NES before that.

You can add me too. PM me when you do. :o)
FC: 0018-0078-4630
"10 METERS, not feet. Learn to read."
- NeerdowelI

User Info: jestersoup

4 years ago#99
Started on Atari 2600. Good enough? :)
3DS FC: 5155-3461-5000
Name: Jester

User Info: DoktorAbata

4 years ago#100
100th post!!! Yay?

Anyways, I'm 26, and for as long as I remember, gaming (and Jurassic Park) has been my one, true passion. I love everything about gaming, and to this day spend a good chunk of the time I am awake gaming in some way shape or form.

I own everything from and NES to PS3, original fat Game Boy to the 3DS XL, and all of them are in use (some more often than others), and none are sitting around collecting dust.

And lastly, my first introduction to gaming was in 1993. The platform? PC. The game? DOOM!!!! Yes I am told I played many games before that, but for me, that was the true beginning of it all.

My 3DS FC is in my sig below, so I'm going to begin the (rather tedious lol) process of adding everyone who posted thus far. I'll try and PM users too to let them know I've added them. Happy gaming!
A chainsaw! Find some meat!
PSN ID - BFG_9k 360 - BFG 9k 3DS FC - 2492-4126-0147
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