Should we as XSEED to bring over

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User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#21
From: El_Dustino | Posted: 11/29/2012 2:18:57 PM | #020
I am pretty sure that Nintendo DOES own the IP in this case. You could always ask Tom from XSEED to make sure; he's on GameFAQs a lot, or, you can go to XSEED's forums, where he is usually quick to reply. :3

Also, yeah, we do seem to be running into each other often. X3 Maybe we just have similar, and obviously superior.

Yeah. Why else did Reggie make such a big deal about XSeed publishing the game in that one Nintendo Direct way back in February?

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User Info: ecco6t9

4 years ago#22
I seem to remember Xseed and Square Enix not having a good relationship.

Secondly, Natsume brought over Lufia.
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