So with Mega Man's upcoming 25th anniversary...

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User Info: nonexistinghero

5 years ago#1
If Capcom announces a new game, I think it'll just be XBLA/PSN/Eshop (Wii U), or 3DS at best.

Would love to see a full console production, but I just don't see Capcom doing that. Perhaps it might be Mega Man 11. Very unlikely would be a proper Mega Man X remake or Mega Man X9.

What are you guys expecting? More disappointment? Or Capcom somehow, miraculously redeeming themselves for all the crap they've thrown at the Mega Man fanbase in the past 2 or so years?
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User Info: MrSRArter

5 years ago#2
I'd love to see 1 to 10 plus GBV and Bass get remade, but Capcom was probably trolling when they said they want to continue the Mega Man franchise up to the the anniversary. <- I agree with this video.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

5 years ago#4
Yeah, I think the Legends games are fantastic as well. Different from the usual Mega Man games, but still oozing Mega Man out of each and every corner. Also stupid how people are hating in MM64. Yes, it did lack some content and stuff compared to Legends, but it also gave better graphics and much shorter loading times in return. It's nowhere near as bad as people are claiming. And I also think it's stupid how some recent 1up article is claiming how Ratched & Clank are doing this type of gameplay while also being good... essentially claiming MML is garbage. They also seem to think it's linear, which is stupid, because MML's progression is much like Zelda and Metroid.

Also, I love how the cutscenes were done in the MML games. Also loved it in Alundra 2, which is very similar (in cutscene presentation, not gameplay).
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In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

User Info: IHeartMetroid

5 years ago#5
I'm expecting a whole lot of nothing.

User Info: MetalLoki

5 years ago#6
IHeartMetroid posted...
I'm expecting a whole lot of nothing.

Naw, there will be another SSFIV for the MM anniversary.
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User Info: Mysticwarriormj

5 years ago#7
Capcom has pretty much abandoned megaman as a whole. Just look at marvel vs capcom for the ps3/xbox. Do they have their mascot in the game at all? No they replaced him with zero (although he is cool in his own right). You can pretty much forget about any new megaman stuff coming out unless they do a remix of one of the other games.
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User Info: snae99

5 years ago#8
I'd love to see Mega Man X9 with SNES graphics/gameplay.

Classic series and X series games on e-shop would be pretty awesome too.
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User Info: HurricaneManning

5 years ago#9
at best we will start to get the nes games on the vc
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User Info: HellsDrunkard

5 years ago#10
They should at minimum start getting the NES 1-6 out on the 3DS VC. It would be really awesome if on that day all 6 just showed up on there. Wouldn't mind Megaman 9 and 10 getting on their either...
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