So... the price drop...

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User Info: McMarbles

4 years ago#1
Is this official? When does it go into effect? I'm sitting on 60+$ worth of GS store credit
and wanna know if I'll be able to take the pluunge soon.
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User Info: _Just_Blaze_

4 years ago#2

User Info: so64

4 years ago#3
The week after this upcoming one.
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User Info: Nintatterdemon

4 years ago#4
Should be around the 2nd.

User Info: _Just_Blaze_

4 years ago#5

Is this Price drop for the 3DS XL as well?

Getting one soon and I'd love a price drop soon as well.

User Info: _Just_Blaze_

4 years ago#6
Is this for the XL?

User Info: warlord78

4 years ago#7
3DS - $139
3DS XL - $199 w/ Mario Kart
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User Info: keyblader1985

4 years ago#8
Price drop, what price drop?

*searches board*

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User Info: _Just_Blaze_

4 years ago#9
warlord3 posted...
3DS - $139
3DS XL - $199 w/ Mario Kart

Where? I want one now!
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