Bought a Vita because 3DS has no dual analog

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User Info: _Izanagi_

5 years ago#111
IHeartMetroid posted...
"Don't even bother to respond."

That's usually what people say when they've lost an argument and are afraid the other person will put forward more things that continue to obliterate their argument.

And for the record, when it was first announced, I wanted a Vita. I was excited about the power, there was a Silent Hill game coming out for it, and Sony's ads about Remote Play anywhere gave me the impression that I'd be taking FFXII on the road. As well, I have a bunch of memory sticks and such, so I was going to use them in my new system.

And then Sony screwed over consumers with a new (stupid) incompatible memory card format, SH: BOM turned out to be a pile of dog crap, and the final straw was them turning Remote Play into a useless abomination.

And of course SCEA killed the PSP in order to sell the damn thing.

So don't talk to ME about bashing. I don't know what that Nathan Guy's motivations are, but I have good, solid reasons why I don't like the Vita. You don't like it? Go sniff a bee.

No, it's just that those are his usual responses.

Minor complaint. Remote Play is not the main point of a new system.

Memory card is a legitimate complaint, but it has happened in the past with Sony's PSP, so what's the point in making a big deal now. Later on then 3rd party memory cards come out, you can get some cheaper ones. Silent Hill is an opinion. Your opinion.

And why am I not surprised you'd come to the aid of your alt?
"The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed."

User Info: badboy

5 years ago#112
I bought a Vita because of the good games like Gravity Rush.

User Info: IHeartMetroid

5 years ago#113
"Remote Play is not the main point of a new system."

BULLcrap it isn't. Remote Play was/is advertised up the wazoo for this thing. There was even a whole ad campaign that centered around it where a guy played a PS3 game on his couch, picked up his Vita, walked out the door and continued playing it.

And only a complete and total moron would call me an "alt" of anyone; that Drake guy and I have wildly diverging post histories, for one, and for the record I responded to you because you called me an alt.

Not the sharpest scythe in the shed, are you?

Why don't you go play with some nice, safe blocks. I'd fear for any expensive electronics you might be around.
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