Want to get back into pokemon

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User Info: toma13

5 years ago#11
I'd just skip to B/W 2. You'll pick right up on it. It's a sequel to the first B/W games but there is nothing that wou'd be missing out on from not playing them. More like a few "Hey, I remember this place/that guy" moments.

As for not playing since the old days, on the surface, Pokemon really hasn't changed all that much. There are some changes in behind the scenes game mechanics that affect competitive players more than the rest of us, but the core gameplay remains the same. Make a party of 6 Pokemon, get 8 gym badges, beat the Elite 4.

The reason I'd recommend B/W2 over B/W is that you have access to catching older Pokemon from the very start of the game. If all you remember is the GB/GBC days then you'd like this a lot more, because you'll see familiar Pokemon from the very start along with the new ones. In B/W you don't finds any of the older ones until after beating the Elite 4.
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User Info: emagdnE

5 years ago#12
get Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and nothing else

Pokémon peaked in the Fourth Generation, Black/White ruined the franchise forever with horrible designs that only the most disgusting of people would even attempt to defend

see for yourself:

I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy... All right, give me the bomb. -Ultra Magnus
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