Which type of Castlevania game would like to have instead of Mirrors of fate?

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User Info: SoYtUjOdOn

4 years ago#61
I don't have time to write every single detail just so somebody can write my post off without giving me some legit points, maybe u play garbage games, maybe u don't, I don't really care, I was posting my opinion, and defending my opinion, since I do have a right to opinion.
What I didn't appreciate was, you wrote me off without even giving any reasons. Coming from classic castlevania to modern castlevania, I can see how things have evolved, that's the weight it carries.

Graphics in HoD and AoS didn't have as good animation or the more gothic style of CotM. They were the first step towards the more anime look, eventually evolving to PoR. Note, that is IMO. It is true for some, and it is not true for others.

I didn't dub Order of Ecclessia as anime style, I said I actually liked it (bc it actually was a major improvement), I was talking about PoR cramping my style with the whole anime. Re-read post.

I disagree with the whole "CotM fits the anime archetype much closer than Ecclesia does." That's my opinion, yours can differ, whatever. Personally I didn't think CotM was even close to anime, and Ecclesia took the anime style down some notches away from PoR, which I like bc it moves away from PoR animation.

Fine, you may have had been playing Castlevania since they first came out too, or not, it doesn't matter, it all came down to how you disrespected my post. You didn't post reasons/points, so I assume you don't know what you're talking about. If you care to add some logical points on why you disagree, then fine, I am all ears, and I will respect your opinion.

I said I appreciate CotM for it's mobility, because by playing past games, which they were slow and had tank-like controls, CotM was heaven sent. I seriously did not like HoD and AoS bc mobility was not as agile as Nathan. Sona for whatever reason to me, felt like he was crawling when he was running. I had thought that when Castlevania took the direction of CotM, they would continue making such smooth movements. Then came HoD, the whip was horrible, IMO, not as flexible as Nathan's and the movements were just horrible compared to Nathan's. So you can imagine my disappointment.

Yes CotM had somewhat Street Fighter style, but of course not full blown, just certain elements, which I actually like. Richter in PoR had more street fighter moves. Which is exactly what I like, and I think they should add more, and that is IMO, again. I like the moves post-CotM, I wasn't complaining, it certainly is better than the old school days. The only gripe I was really actually just complaining about was how Sona moved so slow without turning on power. Same with HoD. Could be my imagination, but that's how I perceive it.

I can tell you that those posts I wrote were a lot less ignorant than yours when you posted yours with nothing constructive to say. You talk about failing to make correct comparisons, when in fact, you had no comparisons whatsoever, nothing constructive, you just wrote me off like 'meh, this guy is full of it'. So based on that, I can say, that based on your past post, you seemed a lot more ignorant than me. And yes, certain features I don't like, are garbage, which is legit IN MY OPINION. You may disagree, which is fine and dandy, but i'm sure there are games with features that you don't like which you consider garbage. I don't see you making any constructive criticisms, all I SAW was a judgemental, non-contributing, ignorant foolish fool. So that goes back to you.

And don't argue for the sake of winning, it will make you look weak. Can we agree to disagree, to agree in an amicable way? You may not like my opinion, but I don't take disrespect like that well, with u preaching about giving constructive criticisms and comparisons, then giving none to my post.

User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 years ago#62
From: AXKSION | #205
No it is not a fact.

And I'm sure as a kid you knew you didn't like broccoli before eating it, didn't you?

I could tell that RE6, REORC, DmC, NG3, etc. were all trash before playing them, by watching videos about them. Before they released I knew they would be terrible, and they are.

No, you couldn't. You saw trailers that featured a style of gameplay you don't care for, that doesn't make the game trash. I can do the same thing you do with anything I don't like, it doesn't make it a fact. You know I saw a commercial for Monday Night Football, complete garbage. Who the hell enjoys watching people run with an egg shaped ball in their hand?

Do you see how ridiculous that kind of crap sounds? Thats how you sound every time you post. Also see my Mega Man example. Just because 7, 8 and MM&B got relatively poor reception didn't mean 9 was going to be bad, and Mega Man 9 was amazing.

Okay, I will play it your way,

How do you know you want Mirror of Fate if you haven't played it yet? How could you possibly know without playing if it looks good to you and you want it?

So now wanting to play a game means I know its good? What the hell are you on, kid? I've seen the trailers, the gameplay looks solid, it appears to be worth my money. I'll find out on release if it is (assuming Nintendo ever gives my 3DS back, they've had the damn thing for a month now).

(not sure how it could look good to anyone though with its bland western art style, and shallow 2D God of War combat, and crummy QTEs)

You're trying too hard. God of War has QTEs, you can just say God of War style and people get the idea. You're clearly trying to pad the list.
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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#63
AXKSION posted...
Mirrors of Fate is a big fat smelly pile of monkey feces garbage.

Aria of Sorrow, SoTN, DoS, OoE are my favorites that I remember. The 3DS game coming out looks super poopy.

no its a mix of all 3 stop trolling and get a life
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User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#64
MoF IS a Metroidvania
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