If you could, what color would you choose for your 3DS?

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User Info: snakeyes01

5 years ago#31
yellow or gold
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User Info: seua

5 years ago#32
90sRetroGaming posted...
Ulyaoth74 posted...

User Info: _XCrazy_DaisyX_

5 years ago#33
Clear, smokey Greyish~Black @__@
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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

5 years ago#34
NoNeedF0RaName posted...
Ulyaoth74 posted...
NoNeedF0RaName posted...

I don't feel like spending a lot of money on something with a color I don't like. I don't see how that is hard to understand. If you blow up the budget and price, you could compare it to not understanding why people care about the color of their car when it has nothing to do with getting you from point A to point B.

The car comparison doesn't really work. With a car, you have many different colors to choose from out of the gate so you are bound to find a color you like. Or you can get a custom paint job if you truly don't like any colors available. With a gaming system, they usually only release in one or two colors, but people will hold off on buying in hopes that their favorite color will be released one day. Is it really that important? Why miss out on months or years on playing a system you know you want because you don't like the available color? That's what I don't understand, but to each his own.

Imagine if people would have waited for a new color back inthe Nes/Snes/n64 days?

And some people don't buy a car if it isn't in the color they want. The comparison is pretty far. The difference being that car companies will more times than not get you the color you want. And for no extra charge. You just have to wait for the factory to get that color paint mixed and spray the car for you. And the dealer might even let you drive a complimentary model of the car you are buying for free while you wait.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

5 years ago#35
matte black not shiny at all...I hate finer print magnet glossy stuff
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User Info: egglink

5 years ago#36
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User Info: Pro_Tactician

5 years ago#37

User Info: Kano33339

5 years ago#38
Turquoise, and the plastic needs to be highly translucent and glossed (acrylic?) , like the Atomic Purple GBC and the badass array of translucent N64's that used to be made.
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User Info: R2BDSi

5 years ago#39
Brown, because the 3DS is a squared cake layer piece of turd.

User Info: qwart

5 years ago#40
From: fallenKlNG | #015
Green, my fav color.
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