I am not a fan.

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User Info: Nintatterdemon

4 years ago#71
Why would you care if they're "overcharging" if your girlfriend bought it for you?

Anyways, if you don't like it, sell it.

User Info: CelesColeVI

4 years ago#72
January 25th 2006, Nintendo denies that a redesigned DS is in the making.
January 26th 2006, DS Lite announced.

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#73
keyblade_lord posted...
megamanx1291 posted...
pbandjames posted...
HungoverHero777 posted...
Wynters387 posted...
Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2

User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#74
"There was an error posting your message: You can have a maximum of 5 quote blocks in your message - please edit some out"

You only need to know two things to understand KH: Everyone is Sora, Everything is Xehanort's fault.
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  3. I am not a fan.

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