Does anyone else think Rayman>Mario?

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User Info: Mariofan15

5 years ago#31
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User Info: Zhacarias

5 years ago#32
I prefer Rayman games. I've only played Origins and The Great Escape, but I loved those two. I don't particularly like Mario since it's more frustration than fun.

User Info: Argh4430

5 years ago#33
The only Rayman games i've played and enjoyed was Rayman 2 & Rayman 3. The Rayman Legends demo has me excited, though. I didn't like Rayman Origins, though.

User Info: StarSpriteZero

5 years ago#34
Rayman Origins is much more challenging than NSMB2. I could barely beat the demo for Rayman! lol
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User Info: Ccroybb

5 years ago#35
Overall, Mario is better, but Rayman is looking a lot better with his recent games than Mario is, especially in 2D platformers.

User Info: SMASHKING84

5 years ago#36
Nope. Maybe it's just me but i prefer my games to be easy until i get used to them.

Basically i'm the polar opposite of a person who plays god mode after beating the game.

That's not to say i hate a challenge but imo rayman's a little too much for new players.
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User Info: singhellotaku

5 years ago#37
Nope, Rayman Origins was awesome though
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  3. Does anyone else think Rayman>Mario?

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