Older Nintendo handheld gamers, are you still able to play Pokemon to this day?

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User Info: ClarkyMalarky

5 years ago#51
Pokemon is a social game, once I had lost friends that played it, I stopped.
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User Info: Geno

5 years ago#52
A lot of the recent Pokemon games actually don't require you to grind on wild Pokemon like the earlier generations did. There're so many trainer battles that if you stick to a team of six throughout the majority of the game, you have more than enough EXP to go around to let you be at an average level to take on the Elite Four and then there's the endgame content, as well.

tl;dr: You don't have to grind as much in later generations.
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User Info: malfion

5 years ago#53
I got both Black 2 and White 2 and I'm halfway through Black 2 but then other games came out and I'm playing those.

I feel like storywise, they aren't as engrossing as Black 1/White 1, but I'll definitely go back and finish them.

User Info: muffinmasher

5 years ago#54
Yep, I still play the pokemon games, although I haven't been into EV training as much.
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User Info: SipherX05

5 years ago#55
I know exactly how you feel TC. I don't know if its because Im older (29 now) or because the series needs to change it up a bit but Im finding the EV training a massive choir atm and Im not enjoying playing through the games like I did do.
My brothers and I all loved Diamond/Pearl and played it to death but we have all struggled playing through this and Black and White 1.
Shame too because some of the new pokemon look baddass (I'm looking at you Scrafty)
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User Info: DemonDog666

5 years ago#56
lol no I couldn't even finish crystal on a emulator and just abusing the speed up feature. I really liked it originally but I always just get bored of it and the newer ones just seem like more of the same even too much more and it's just a boring grind and rehashed. It doesn't evolve at all.

User Info: JulesNeci

5 years ago#57

User Info: XWolfO

5 years ago#58
Yes. I still love Pokemon. Even more than I used to. Back then, I really hated grinding in games, so I hated leveling up my pokemon, but now it's quite the opposite. Never really cared about battles and stuff, but I'm having tons of fun.

To be honest, nothing really changed. The mechanics were upgraded and they added more pokemon and moves and stuff, but that's a very good thing. That's why I can keep playing it. If it was the same as it used to be, I'd most likely really hate it.
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User Info: foxizard

5 years ago#59
I still play them.

I believe on the outside they might appear as 'childish' and for a younger audience. On the inside though, I find them to be rather 'deep' and 'complex' in their own way.

I also love them for their stories. If you piece together all the lore and what have from all the games, you can get a really complex and intriguing store out of them that feels in fact somewhat more mature.

I also have friends older than me who still play them.

On the other hand, I'd probably keep playing them even if they were 'childish' because I play what I play regardless of what people think.

I still have to finish Black/White 2 though.
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User Info: LunarRoar

5 years ago#60
I cannot. Having started the series with Pokemon Red and having played it up until the release of HG/SS, I personally can't stand to play Pokemon or games similar to it anymore. I feel like I've oversaturated myself in terms of exposure to the point that I can no longer enjoy it.

That said, I'm not embittered by it by any means. I think it's great that people can still enjoy it and newcomers can enter it with a sense of excitement. That aside, I still enjoy the music a great deal (particularly red/blue's soundtrack, as well as gold/silver's).

For anyone interested in a piano version of red/blue's OST, I recommend going on YouTube and searching "Joshua Graham - Pokemon Red/Blue Medley For Two Pianos." The guy does a tremendous job with it and its simply a joy to listen to for those who love the music. I'd link to it myself, but I'm on my phone atm, so there's that...
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