After 2-ish years~ How would you rate the 3DS?

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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#131
System = 8.4/10

Games = 6.8/10

I bought it mainly for what was going to be released on it between 2013-2016

User Info: Akagehisa

4 years ago#132
I would give it a 6.0 The only 2 games that didn't dissapoint me where RE:R and SSF4

I have my 3ds for 3rd party games, preferably RPG or action-adventure, and the ones I want are comming next year, fire emblem, SMT4.

And the eshop really sucks for me,,, I can't download GBA games, or the DS ones.

2013 looks better with at least 4 good RPGs,, but nitendo needs to put an original zelda or a metroid game in this thing ASAP

User Info: bl00_reTurned

4 years ago#133

Not enough solid titles coming within each year of its existance thus far in America. Not enough diversity in games either. The only one I actually liked was Resident Evil.

What would make me happy? Less sequels and more stand alone, unique titles. No more 64 ports. No more old games disguised as new titles. Lets get some Metroid, Zelda, and Wario World thrown into the 3DS, then give me some metroidvania, followed up with sandbox titles and games with solid content and replay. The next year? Re-invent last years formula and come out with some Contra, Nazi Zombies standalone title with all previous maps and a few new ones added, then give me an innovative mario title that doesn't bore me, then port Pikmen 3 to the 3DS.

After 2 years of solid improvement, I will look back into this topic and give the 3ds a solid 9/10

User Info: The_Alpha_Gamer

4 years ago#134

Iffy build quality, litterally only a handful of great games if that, overpriced eShop. It has potental though, could still turn around.

User Info: logans_run_82

4 years ago#135

I've found plenty of great games, however these games are bargain bin games that I got for bargain prices. if I paid full price for any of them I'd be pissed off as hell.

being a scambassador, I got 20 free games, I got a few free games frome-shop deals, some great early-days CN games, and I found many great deals on amazon for $10 retail games. So I've got a pretty good stock on content that's kept me happy.
The Opposite of a great truth is also true -- Niels Bohr
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User Info: Trailblazer34

4 years ago#136
NeonYoshi11 posted...
System = 8.4/10

Games = 6.8/10

I bought it mainly for what was going to be released on it between 2013-2016

User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#137
BikeaLoss posted...
Razieru posted...
NathanisDrake posted...
I mean on the scale of 1 - 10

> Dat aggressively neglected E-Shop.
> Those bundles you guys will probably either NEVER see OR get two MORE years from now.
> Cheap ass to the core low budget "upgrade" option (3DS XL) despite it's ridiculous price tag. Oh, dat horrible sound quality (among other things)!

>Um what?
>Like improvements it made compared to the OG 3DS? As if it weren't obvious enough.

I would give it a solid 9.5

Of course you would. How are those blinders?

Oh how dare he gives a handheld a higher score that detracts from your views, shun the non-believer! (Grow up, kid).

A great handheld with great support from both 3rd party and 1st party developers. No complaint so far,

There still isn't much of crap for two whole years, and most everything you guys nerd-gasm over will hit around the middle of next year at best. Still no Zelda, main stream Pokemon, and FRESH Mario to be had as well.

I could list as many titles that most others have cited before that have been released on the 3DS that aren't ports/remakes but of course the last time i did that it got denied and spat-upon by a "certain user". There's one confirmed coming for the 3DS that has been said to be more in-line with the consoles then the DS ones (thank god). Can't rush out a Zelda title in a matter of seconds to meet amends with quicker announcements. Hey remember B&W2 got released weeks ago for the DS? I sure don't. SM3DLand, call it what you want but the reception and feedback from the majority who have played it deem it fresh and such despite it's difficulty at times. Though if we are talking about NSMB2 and maaaybe Mario Tennis Open then i could see your point.

except for the fact that most games from Japan don't come overseas.

Yet you give it such a ridiculously high score. NoA alone makes the 3DS worth a perfect -64.

No it doesn't, drop the act of obtuseness. Even if NoA have been totally lackluster with their decisions as of late, i cannot even begin to see how pitting them as the sole reason for giving the 3DS a subjective low score is any logical. Especially given with how you are complaining to the other guy about how him using "blinders" for giving the 3DS a 9.5.


Aw, look. He couldn't resist starting up his good old trolling decree with this unnecessary Nintenyearold fanboy line.

I will admit that was rather unnecessary and largely unneeded.

You need a doctor.


User Info: pokemonpearl_90

4 years ago#138
Psn vita: ProtonsG

User Info: OhHeyltsYou

4 years ago#139
System: 8/10 - I don't care for 3D at all. But I still enjoy the system overall.
Games: 6/10 - There just isn't that many games I want outside of the typical Nintendo titles and a few RPGs and Square-Enix games. Less shovelware and more quality. It's starting to look like the Wii all over again.
PSN: NaturaIBorn

User Info: Nickcool1996

4 years ago#140
NA: 6/10.
Japan: 8/10.
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