After 2-ish years~ How would you rate the 3DS?

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User Info: OtherSuperPhil

5 years ago#151
I own twenty games. Not seeing the lack of games. Are some of you really picky?
If you need to see everything wrong with gamers and their (lack of) maturity, come visit a gaming message board.

User Info: Razieru

5 years ago#152
Aw, look. He is trying to copy my style of critiquing. School must be out. Now, let's see how much of this incoherence I can rip apart yet again of yours. Let's begin.

Rurouni720 posted...
Wow, i agree with you on one factual thing and i still get a snarky remark. Staying classy is see.

Stale hypocrisy yet again. Moving on.

Nice rehash of your previous sarcasm, maturity must be out of your vocabulary i see.

Ah, more contradictory infantile rants from the guy who took all this time to poorly copy my critique. Your technique is still a mass of sloppy and incoherent mountain of boo hoo text. You have much to learn. It would help to start outside of quotes for starters. That way, you won't have to bold your stagnant entries. But, stay tuned; you may learn how its properly done.

Pathetic, nothing else to say.

Again, how ironic of our little situation here.

Amazing. Did it really take you a while to fit all of that unprofound, asinine sarcasm that contributes nothing other than to validate my agenda of your immaturity clouding your judgement and intelligence?

Aw, more arse hurt name calling from a minor. You mean to be taken seriously kid?

And it's judgment. You are no longer allowed to troll and throw your archaic name calling around without mastering a spell check pot kettle. Ah, but putting that foot in your mouth hasn't stopped you before, now has it?

Hilarious how hypocritical you are acting with that kind of paragraph of childish 4th grade level of behavior.

Yet you ramble on with your ancient "I know you are but what am I" rage drivel. I must have brought many a tear to the chap's eyes. I see your only other resolve is to reach back into your tiny bag of insults to assault me with. And who do you claim is limited in the vocab department again?

Thank you for describing yourself right there, bucko. Considering you have no right to pull the hypocrite/ignorance card with a generic, tacked-on "Nin10yearold" insult slapped into one sentence.

Aw, looks like you need a recharge in the creativity department with those "comebacks" of yours, kiddo. You are beginning to repeat your stale insults way too much now, Son. Even a broken record is amazed at your running in places dialect.

Yep, this guy clearly has no idea what he's talking about. Nor has he actually took the time to read my post instead of flinging around childish misinformation & cheap insults telling others to re-think their art of gibberish without looking at their own irony and actual behavior. Once again, stay classy Razieru.

Aw, still mad bro? More of the same monotonous blocks of infantile assaults that amount to nothing more than a 5 year old having his little tantrum. You can PM me for some NEW material should you finally accept the need to refresh there, kid.

Congratulations for once again validating my agenda on your current behavior.

Congratulations on having a whole lot of time to whine nothing yet again that amounts to a 5 year old having a tantrum, stagnant "material", infantile name calling, and "Woo hoo, one amazing user has so much power to make my arse hurts by simply posting drivel."

Who knew those sensitive eyes could bleed so much from what one guy posts right? Then you proceed to endeavor in your immature moaning because you think it would actually amount to a solution to your insecurities. How fragile. But, standby, I see there's yet another "waaaah" and moan novel you posted just for me. Ah, the fandom.
My swagger will explode you.

User Info: Razieru

5 years ago#153
Rurouni720 posted...
That is about as foolhardy and arrogantly dumbfounded as the group of clowns who claim the PS Vita "haz no gaemz" (despite the difference within mass market appeal).

Ah, that arse continues to bleed out. Not surprising that he couldn't help but resort to his usual name calling spill. My, what big words you have misplaced yet again.

And glory boy? Are that cynical, Razeiru? Picking straws does not work in a debate other than to make the person look terrible in the process.

Yet, it hasn't stopped your adolescent tantrum posting. Thanks for admitting to your admiration of my critiquing style though. Took you long enough.

Check mate once again on my validation.

No, checkmate once again for carrying on like a rabid Nin10yearold. What amazing incoherence one person posts because of someone's opinion. That person that makes their insecurities glow like neon lights and makes them itch so horrendously must be some kind of wonderful.

Oh yes that one point i agreed with on despite getting spat at earlier with a crude remark of childish sarcasm.

The pot kettle continues to "broken record" with the redundant name calling and term "childish". Cute.

Weak Razieru,

So is this broken record whiny drivel. Let's start a new lesson on NOT calling names as your means of responding to any and every thing that your wanna be entitled arse has yet to comprehend. Then we can call that "a" start for you.

your running out of low-class gags here.

Once again, it's You're. And you are running out of proper spelling and punctuation. Cover that part first before spewing those limited insults of yours from the tiny name calling vocab you seek for your responses kiddo.

Time for an actual response next time instead of a typical blind shield when nothing else is to be said or countered in a debate.

Referencing the above, I'd practice your in vain and contradictory drivel you are attempting to preach with.

Wish i could say the same for your lackluster behavior.

So....two whiny novels of infantile tantrum drivel and horrid spelling and punctuation from you doesn't amount to the same, let alone worse? I'd factor in that behavior of yours first, kiddo before once again flailing about with your soggy hypocrisies.

Ti'll then, please clean up the act and start being a sensible, open-minded user for a change.

Sure; after you clear up those spelling and punctuation farces of yours, oh dear wanna-be better person. Your shroud is incredibly see-through; and it's even more of a shame that you are SO desperate to keep up with me you won't bother to clear up those farces I mentioned just to get your fatally flawed responses posted. There's even a spell check appended to help you out there, kid. Oh, the shame.

It could salvage your reputation with how other's impressions perceive upon yourself.

A lesson learned from what we went over above alone is a start for you down this looooong road of improvement you continue to fall off, buckaroo. Ah, at last, more baby steps for you to make, Ruro.
My swagger will explode you.

User Info: Leroy160

5 years ago#154
The 3DS on its own gets a 7/10. But since it isn't, and it has DS backward compatibility, it honestly gets a 10/10. The good games just keep coming and the eshop is just fantastic. If I hadn't upgraded my PC, I probably wouldn't play any other console more than the 3DS.

User Info: Compass

5 years ago#155
stargazer64 posted...
kewldude475 posted...
And I love how NathanIsDrake goes on about Vita fanboys, sometimes for no good reason, and yet acts like a 3DS fanboy.

Really pathetic, in all honesty.

Did he hurt your Pony feelings?


Also: 9/10. Already had so much fun with this handheld. I like the Vita, too, but something about the 3DS... I think it's a combination of the games and hardware. It's just immediately more pleasant and gratifying to spend time with. Original 3DS mind you. Not feeling the XL much at all.

User Info: RogueStriker

5 years ago#156
6/10 Only because I have the Zelda 3ds.

Not all of the 1st party games are that interesting to me. There's not much on 3rd party also.

NSMB2: I don't really care about and I bought the 1st NSMB.
Paper Mario I'm iffy about because of the changes.
MK7 I haven't really played MK since 64 and I still like that.

Alot of the games I'm interested in come out next year which kinda sucks.
Such as Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter. Hell I have enough trouble playing MH on PSP but damn I'll take what I can get.

I want more games from JPN like Bravely Default, SMT and Ruin Factory 4. There definetly needs to be more RPGs and I'm not a fan of the EO series.

eshop is so behind. There has been no sale on games for months. There's no Miiverse yet and universal account (yes I know it's coming but I hate how quiet they are about it). Club Nintendo game rewards suck ass for 3ds. No instant messenger, it's hella hard to plan a game.

My games list: OOT(almost done), RE:R(almost done), KI:U (I really suck with the controls), Nintendogs(meh), CoP(alright), Samurai Warriors(alright), DoA:D(kinda stopped playing), Prof. Layton(haven't opened it yet since I never played any of the games).

Honestly I sit looking at my 3ds thinking there's not much to do... Sorry for the rant.
Gotta love Photon Cannon.

User Info: Razieru

5 years ago#157
kewldude475 posted...
And I love how NathanIsDrake goes on about Vita fanboys, sometimes for no good reason, and yet acts like a 3DS fanboy. Really pathetic, in all honesty.

Nothing new. You see, just like Star and plenty of other 3DS glory boys he has the nasty habit of committing the age-old pot kettle black - rant and rave all kinds of 3DS decrees like it is perfect and Nintendo can do no wrong.

But as soon as a mere tailwind of opposition rushes them and give them a dose of reality, they turn up their Nin10yearold mentalities and spew all kinds of hypocritical gibberish to make themselves feel big and secure.

It's like the case of a mischief maker. He truly doubts himself and knows he is adept at coming up short in every category imaginable. Yet, he has to put on some kind of foolhardy antic and other mindless charade in an attempt to mask his fallacies and make himself believe otherwise.

It really isn't pathetic. It's hilarious! They are already troubled with coming to terms with anything that doesn't complement their own flawed beliefs and "logic". It's new and exciting to them, so it will take a lot for them to get used to. You simply can't take the hilarity you see here seriously ever. I sure don't.
My swagger will explode you.

User Info: Compass

5 years ago#158

User Info: Rurouni720

5 years ago#159
Using the ignore list feels so much better now. Helps block idiotic hypocrisy with the mentality of a 3rd grade generic school bully. ^-^

User Info: Razieru

5 years ago#160
^ Ah, so he claims to ignore me now. What a surprising development. Would be better to admit obvious defeat. Instead, we flail about immaturely with the ignore card now. Self face palming must have become too unbearable yes?

Meh, why even feel the need to mention what you claim to ignore? Aw, dear Hurr Durr Ruro, you're not fooling anyone other than yourself, kiddo. Ah, but to parade around with one last condescending fail. Nice monsoon of typical and soggy name calling as well. You even edited that stagnant one liner just to fit that piece of infantile dialect in yet again. Kudos.
My swagger will explode you.
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