is it true that female gamers prefer the normal 3DS over the XL ?

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  3. is it true that female gamers prefer the normal 3DS over the XL ?

User Info: RedYoshi27

5 years ago#21
Despite me knowing of the XL coming, I still bought a Flame Red normal 3DS. I'm a guy though but I've always preferred the smaller model DS systems well other than the original that's a big as i'd ever want it. If they plan on using netflix though, i'd recommend the XL.
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User Info: Bancario51

5 years ago#22
this is... not about size but how you use it.
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User Info: deimos91

5 years ago#23
PokeFan2011 posted...
but I've never felt the need to upgrade just for the size difference.

Thats what she said
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User Info: theGirlyGamer

5 years ago#24
I can't say much for how they feel in my hand, since I've never owned a 3DS and will be getting the pink XL for Christmas. But having researched both of them thoroughly, I can honestly say that I would be disappointed in receiving the normal 3DS, and would probably return it to the store and get the larger one. Every girl is different though. I could never stand having the normal 3DS when there's a larger one on the market.

User Info: iphys

5 years ago#25
I have girl hands but I still want to upgrade to the XL for the screen. I have a friend who's only like 5' tall, and she really wants to upgrade to the XL too.

I think the screen on the regular 3DS is just too small for how high res it is. Maybe it's okay for 10-year-olds who don't mind playing with their faces crammed up to it, but I think most adults would prefer the XL.

User Info: huyi

5 years ago#26
i guess i am the only female around here with a 3ds xl then :S
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User Info: Fujinicole88

5 years ago#27
I personally like my Flame Red 3DS and I think that the XL would be too big for my little hands, but I have friends on my 3DS that have the XL and they seem to like it... I still prefer the one I have though.
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User Info: trenton97

5 years ago#28
nikowwf posted...
I want to say it but i don't want to be first....sigh...
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User Info: prmtyme

5 years ago#29
not just females i do as well i am 28 and male
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User Info: El_Dustino

5 years ago#30
I do not have a 3DS yet, but I am a girl and from what I have played/seen, I prefer the regular 3DS. I don't like the bigness of the XL, or the pixel size.
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  3. is it true that female gamers prefer the normal 3DS over the XL ?

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